When we compare something we must want to know about the pros and cons of that thing. First of all, we consider between any two things which one is better to other thing and in which context it is better. Nowadays people become brand conscious they just contaminate their reliable brands and always love to buy their favourite’s ones. but if we talk about technological products, such as TV, Mobile, Laptop etc, the first thing that came to our mind is the performance of that gadget.

If you’re looking for a laptop, there are many things to consider. One of the most important considerations is which brand of laptop is best suited to your needs. In this article, we compare Acer and ASUS laptops in order to help you make that decision! There are lots of different factors like price, processor speed, storage space and battery life that will play into your decision about which one would be best for you.

Acer or ASUS Which Laptop Brand Is Better Review 2021

In this article, we are going to compare two well-knowing brands in the laptop world that are Acer and Asus. After reading this article you will be able to choose the best between these two brands as we will discuss the similarities and dissimilarities of these brands. These both Acer and Asus are located in Taiwan.

acer vs asus

If we talk about the age of Acer, it was started in 1976, but at that time it was not Acer instead of that it was known as Multi-tech that build different electronics items for homes and offices as well. But in 1987 this company came up with an innovative name Acer.

if we talk about Asus it was found in 1989 and the amazing face about this brand that its founder was working in Acer as Acer hardware engineer before starting his own business.

Acer is now starting to elaborate its business in cloud services, Smartphones, and other wearable devices. Asus also making different electronics parts that you can find embedded in different other brands as well.

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Acer Laptops Review

Components of Acer

Let’s have a look at the qualities of Acer and find out what some extra features Acer has that can beat Asus at any point. If we take a look at the specifications of both Acer and Asus we find things similar to each other. But one thing that we keenly observed is that Acer used a dual-core processor more than a quad-core processor that reduces the cost of laptops.

laptop for machine learning

But they cannot be compromised with the quality that’s why we cannot feel any speed issue even with their dual-core processor. Display feature of Acer compatible with the market that offers quality display screen, HD quality high resolution, and backlight.

But the Predator laptops of Acer are very famous because of their curve and large 21 inches display.

Design of Acer

If we talk about Acer design here we become disappointed because of their dumb design that makes laptops heavier. But if we compare Acer laptop with other brands available in the market we face the same problem with other laptop models.

But overall Acer design makes their laptop more heavy and bulky as compared to Asus, more you cannot get many colors in Acer laptops. So you have to choose between limited colors. So if you are design-conscious then Acer will definitely disappoint you at this point.


Acer Laptop Verity

If we talk about product verity then Acer has a wide variety of laptops for different people you can easily find your field-related laptop with Acer.

  • Gaming Laptop
  • Laptop Finder

Let’s talk about Acer Price Range

Acer comes with all categories of laptops with the best reasonable prices but when you choose some gaming laptop. Like Acer Predator 21x then sometimes it is outrageous. Students and most people cannot buy that easily.

21 inches curve screen makes the view better but they cannot do any further upgradation. You can easily find any other cheaper gaming laptop which will blow the predator out of water. But you can also find low budget laptops in different other laptop varieties.

Acer Customer Service

If we compare both companies we find that Acer received more complaints than Asus. Also, have a decent customer service department but despite all these things, we find many dissatisfied Acer customers.

Although Acer wins innovation, and design awards. But a number of large customers are still dissatisfied with the support, some of them answer wrong. Many people submit their machine for repairing and they receive back that machine with furthermore issues.

Acer Innovation Award

Acer wins the innovation award because of its variety of models available in the limited color scheme. They make their laptop frame more strength and are able to stand a long time in different tests. So that makes their laptop heavier.

Acer provides reliable and strong laptops. Acer wins different awards in the past which include.

Red dot design award

RGO, VGO, VL7 Ultra HD Series, C2 Series

iF Design Award

Swift7, Predator Triton 700, Predator Orion 9000, Aspire S 24, Predator X34, Predator X27, Holo 360

Asus Laptops Review

Asus Components

To find out which brand is the winner in Acer vs Asus laptops we need to dig deep into both brands so let’s have a look at the functioning and qualities of Asus. This will help us to make a final decision about which one is perfect for us. So we compare Asus with the same areas as we talk about Acer before.

Asus CUK ROG Strix Scar Edition

As we know different tech companies collaborate with each other But here we want to raise a point ASUS use quad-core processors even in their basic laptops so you can get more speed if you are testing ASUS for multitasking.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop are the most famous models in these laptops ASUS added some hinges that differentiate these laptops from Acer. Their batter view angle and Nvidia GPU grab the gamers near to their laptops.

But you have to pay more if you want to get more ASUS gaming laptops prices increases when you sum up these things in your laptop. All other components of both companies are almost the same.

ASUS Designs

When it comes to design no doubt ASUS is the winner at this point if we compare it with Acer laptops. Most of their latest model includes a metal casting finish that makes these laptops more reliable and gives them a professional look.

But some customers complain about the marks and scratches on their new laptops. Overall if you look at ASUS ROG Zephyrus you can fall in love with its slim, sleek-looking, and lightweight laptop.

These laptops look bulky, large but they cover up with some awesome curves that make them more stylish than Acer. So the winner in the design category is ASUS. no doubt.


ASUS Product variety

ASUS also has a large range of different laptops as Acer You can easily find different category laptops in ASUS as well

  • Gaming laptops
  • Laptop Finder

You can easily choose the laptop according to your taste and budget. But their gaming laptops are the best when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Price Range

We cannot find much difference in comparison between the prices of both brands. Both brands have all types of laptops from basic to professional level and according to that, there is a difference in the prices too. But keep in mind quad-core and dual core have a significant difference so before buying any Acer laptop check the same specs laptop in ASUS if there is not much difference in price then because of quad-core processor we choose ASUS.

Customer Service of ASUS

As ASUS also have a large number of customers so it is quite difficult to satisfy all customers. Its official website also making confusion in the customers about registering to complain and find out the solution of their problem properly.

Customers also complain about their support line that compelled them to wait for a long time. Sending machine back for repairing and return back with another problem is also a part of some customer’s complains. Some customers also complain about extra charges even for taking a warranty.


No doubt ASUS wins the gaming laptops competition when we compare it with Acer laptops. Their ROG Zephyrus models have become the most famous laptops among gamers. Because of their better performance because of Nvidia Max-Q, GPU graphic cards, Slim and lightweight people love ASUS.

But you have to spend some more extra buckets to purchase these laptops.

Acer vs ASUS

Both brands are both well known for their gaming computers

This may be of interest to you if you’re looking for a laptop mainly for playing games on it.

The two brands, Acer and ASUS, are both well known for their gaming computers. If you’re looking for a laptop mainly for playing games on it, these two brands may be the one to go with. They each offer laptops that can handle high-level gaming and graphics and provide a great experience. The Acer Aspire E5-573G model offers good performance and graphics card, says reviewer Tom Mc Sharry. Likewise, the ASUS F556UA is quick and offers a great experience as well.

It can be hard to decide which brand is best as both offer quality products. Reviews such as those mentioned above will help you narrow down which one might be best suited to your needs. The more information you have about different brands, the easier it will be to make your decision.

Acer laptops over an ASUS laptops

Acer laptops are known for their battery life, which is lengthened through the company’s proprietary Intel big-little design. ASUS on the other hand has been focusing more on style and quality in recent years, but a laptop without a good battery life can hardly be called high-quality nowadays.

An ASUS laptops has a better resale value.

Acer devices are not valued as much by the consumer market, so if you want to sell your computer after owning it for only one year, you will have difficulty recouping its purchase price. It’s important to make sure you’re making a wise choice and getting the best value for your money.

Acer vs ASUS

ASUS laptop over an ACER Laptop

ASUS laptops have a mix of design and quality combined to create a range for every user’s needs. This range includes high-performance laptops, so if you’re eager to work on something with speed, ASUS is a good choice.

ASUS laptops have the edge when it comes to design because they focus more on being beautiful.

Acer devices are not valued very highly by the consumer market, so people typically have difficulty re-selling them after one year. The company releases different ranges that vary in aesthetics and power, but there isn’t really anything out there that will impress anyone who values style over everything else! The other thing going for ASUS is their national warranty programs which include accidental coverage and free tech support 1 year from your purchase date.

Is there anything else that I should know about these brands before making my decision about which one to buy

If you need to do research on the company you plan on buying from, search for reviews and compare features with other brands. You can also lookup the warranty information and customer service in case there are any issues after your purchase.

A laptop is a portable computer that allows access to the internet and that uses a keyboard and a mouse or touchscreen to enter data into the computer. A laptop typically has a display screen that is 13 inches or greater and may weigh 4 pounds or more. Laptops may be differentiated by size, weight, battery life, features and price.

Acer laptops cost $500-$800 or $1000-$1500 depending on their specifications while ASUS laptops range from $800- $1800 with an average price of $1300.

Features to consider when choosing a laptop are size, battery life, weight, RAM and storage space, processor speed and graphics processing unit performance. There are also more specific features such as built-in speakers and display screen resolution – choose a more powerful laptop if you need a better screen or speakers. Also, consider your budget when making your choice – you can find a laptop with the features that you need and in your price range.

If you need an affordable, but a still powerful and fast laptop, go with Acer. However, if you want a more powerful computer with excellent graphics performance, ASUS is typically better.

Basic laptops typically last for 5-7 years, while powerful laptops can last for 10 years. However, laptop age can be reduced by removing unused programs and updating the drivers regularly to prevent obsolete drivers from causing issues later down the road. You should also consider getting an extended warranty or insurance to make sure that your new laptop is covered on the off chance that there is a problem.

If you purchase an Acer laptop, they offer a one year warranty and 24/7 technical support. They also offer extended warranties and repairs for additional fees if needed after your first year of ownership. ASUS offers a three-year warranty on their laptops with 24/7 technical support as well.

If you need a basic laptop that will perform well and last for several years, go with Acer. If you want a more powerful computer with excellent graphics performance, ASUS is typically better. Consider the features that you need in your new laptop and compare prices to find the best one for your needs! Also, look up the warranty information and customer service in case something goes wrong after your purchase.

Final Words About ASUS VS Acer Laptops

When considering the pros and cons of each brand, you’ll find that they’re very different from one another in terms of design choices and sales values. One is not necessarily better than the other; instead, it all depends on what your needs are!

If you need a longer battery life for example, then an Acer may be the best option since their Intel big-little processor lengthens this quality.

But if fashion matters most to you, ASUS might be a better buy because their laptops have been designed with style in mind from top to bottom – even down to how they look at home on your desk! So before making any decisions about Acer or Asus which brand to buy, always think of what you value most in a laptop.