11 Best Sublimation Printer Buyer Guide in 2021

Best Sublimation Printer

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First thing first if you don’t know about the sublimation printer. Don’t worry we have a detailed discussion about the best sublimation printer. Sublimation printer is one of the most preferred methods to print on clothes and other items. Best thing about this print that your print will never fade with the passage of time. Because these printers uses a special type of ink that is also known as dye-sub ink or disperse dyes.

11 Best Sublimation Printer Buyer Guide 2021

So you can easily make custom t-shirt and mugs with these printers. Basically these sublimation printers work on heat transfer method with this you can easily print different sketches on your mug or t-shirt. There are now different types of sublimation printer but now mostly people used portable printers so they can easily carry that their printer anywhere.

There are many options for beginners looking for the best boast printer for you. In this article we mentioned the best dye sublimation printer, best sublimation printer for t-shirt models and best epson printer for sublimation that will be perfect for many special occasions. There is also discussion about printers that suit your designs.

With day by day, dye sublimation becomes more famous and in market you can easily find different verity of sublimation printers. That comes with different capabilities and printing capacities. Here we have a complete list of sublimation printers Let’s have look!


1. Epson Expression Photo HD XP

Epson Expression Photo HD XP 15000 is designed to use Epson cartridges only. The Photo XP 15000 wide format inkjet printer is a single function model.

The six-ink prints are remarkably good, especially pictures. The best sublimation printer has better paper handling options and connectivity options along with a more modern and easier to use control panel. These are all easy to use.

The wide format consumer grade photo printer comes with a plenty of connectivity options such as WI-FI Ethernet , WiFi Direct , USB Host and connected to a PC via USB.

Besides Wi-Fi direct, other mobile options contains, Epson Connect Portfolio of Cloud Connectivity Features: Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print, Epson iPaper Print App (iOS, Android), Creative Calendar, Creative Print App for connecting to various cloud sites (IOS, Android) templates, and the like.

In terms of paper holding, there are two input sources , a 200 paper plain paper cassette up front and a 50 sheet feeder primarily for a superior photo and broadsheet paper at the back of the machine.

The amazing point is that the printed pages land on an automatic output tray that deploys as needed. Both machines also allow you to print labels on pre-existing optical discs and come with software for inserting discs and printing discs and jewel cases.

Plus this printer can print unlimited pages in all sizes varying from 4 by 6 inches upto 13 by19 inches. Also it has enough PPM rate. Epson has replaced light seam and light management ink with red and gray ink, which according to the company enhances color smoothness and enhances gray scale images.

It prints 13by 19 inch borderless photos and fine arts as well as business charts and graphs. Images with a range of 9.2 ISO ppm (black) and 9.0 ISO ppm (color) (4) and 4 “x 6” prints documents at speeds of up to 27 seconds (3).

The color LCD is easy to use. Prints from iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones become easier. The main point of this printer is that it is 30% smaller than its predecessor . There is no space shortage issue, it easily fits your desktop.


2. Brother MFC-J995DW Sublimation Printer

The best sublimation printer Brother Tank colour inkjet all-in-one printer with tank era is the greatest quality intention for your own home or small employment needs.

It capabilities reengineered Investment Tank cartridges at the side of an inner ink garage tank that can provide uninterrupted printing for as much as 1-yr without the want to buy ink.

Business-successful capabilities encompass cellular tool printing, Near Field Communication (NFC) print and scan, and clean onscreen navigation the usage of the 2. 7″ colour .

No extra going for walks out of ink withinside the center of a vital or time-touchy print job. Investment Tank fashions screen real ink utilization and show your expected last web page counts to present you expanded visibility, so that you can print with self belief and sincerely without interruption.

Based on common month-to-month print volumes of about one hundred fifty pages at 60% black pages / 40% colour pages according to ISO/IEC 24711 the usage of four cartridges furnished in-box. For extra web page yield data, see manufacturer’s website.

Requires connection to a wi-fi network. The cellular tool has NFC functionality and runs Android OS four. four or later. Based on MSRP of LC3035 web page yield according to ISO/IEC 24711.

For extra web page yield data, see manufacturer’s website. Requires an Internet connection and an account with favored service. Requires net connection. Reprinted from Puma with permission.

Copyright 2017 Ziff Davis, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Based on common month-to-month print volumes of about three hundred pages (70% black pages / 30% colour pages) and approximate web page yield according to ISO/IEC 24711 the usage of 12 cartridges furnished.

Based on common month-to-month print volumes of about three hundred pages (70% black pages / 30% colour pages) and approximate web page yield according to ISO/IEC 24711 the usage of 12 cartridges furnished.

Based on common month-to-month print volumes of about three hundred pages at 60% black pages / 40% colour pages according to ISO/IEC 24711 the usage of four cartridges furnished in-box.

For extra web page yield data, see manufacturer’s website. Based on ISO/IEC 24734 (after the first set of ISO take a look at pages). For inkjet print velocity methodology, please go to the manufacturer’s website.

Approximate web page yields according to ISO/IEC 24711. Operating Temperature: 50-95° F. If you want to check how ink you use or how remaining, for this there is an excellent page gauge that informs you about your ink. The last one is that it is not only time saving but also a budget friendly device.

3. Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6 Sublimation Printer

A true innovator in the photography market and the imaging industry, Kodak has a long history of providing great films, photo prints, and imaging hardware. With such public distinction, any of Kodak’s offers comes with high product quality and usability expectations. Kodak has established an extremely good little printer that works wonderfully in a handful of various conditions and set-ups.

The Kodak PD-450 is best for printing at the cross or putting in a print-station at domestic or in a business. Teens and teenagers would possibly specifically locate awesome prices in having a transportable image printer at unique events, parties, or in dorm rooms wherein area is at a premium.

Everyone can use this printer with little or no setup. You have the whole lot you want to get commenced printing inside minutes. There are some items inside the box you’ll find such as printer dock, power brick 24v,micro-USB to lightning adapter, 10 photo papers, simple user manual, and printer ink cartridge.

it has a number of awesome capabilities that make it one of the exceptional transportable printing answers at the market. Regardless of which tool you’ve got connected to, the “one-contact” button will print the image that’s presently viewable on screen.

This makes it especially easy for any consumer to quickly print an image from his or her smartphone.

Above these , there are awesome features including One-contact print, Charge whilst docked, Print wirelessly or whilst docked, Quick print and brief dry, Fingerprint-evidence prints, Waterproof prints, Single ink cartridge
Android and iOS compatibility.

Kodak has additionally long gone up to now as to consist of 10 sheets of printer paper with the printing dock to get you started. These paper sheets are particular to Kodak’s printer dock simplest as they want without problems painting in a popular printer.

Each person sheet has perforated edges to permit for smooth coping with the print as soon as it has completed. Kodak advertises the image paper to be each fingerprint evidence and waterproof, however it’s best to have the more keeping room on every sheet whilst the image comes out of the printer.

Printing out of your telephone or pill is brief and surprisingly easy. Download the Kodak Photo Printer App from the Google Play store, pick your image and any edits you need to use after which pick print. In about one to 2 mins your image will emerge from the PD-450.

Within the app, the consumer has the right of entry to all styles of tweaks and print settings in addition to the choice to edit the appearance of the pics with filters, decorations and easy modifications like brightness, contrast, and sharpness.

To have those alternatives in the app itself is a large time saver for the ones pics which you need to tweak or regulate with zany stickers, emojis or textual content bubbles. You also can store unbiased edits of any pics proper on your tool whilst maintaining the authentic image.

There’s additionally a proportion button in case you need to submit any image changes to any of your favored social media sites. Kodak absolutely has included pretty much the whole thing here.

The best sublimation printer has a strong layout and greater heft. The greater weight assures that the dock will now no longer without difficulty fall off of a desk or stand at the same time as in use or from unintended bumps from passers-by.

Considering the dock is supposed to be transportable, the general weight negates a number of the general portability of the tool. Also, the paper loader (which detaches) stands proud at a great six inches, which also can have an effect on placement location.

So the device does pretty much the entirety very well–terrific first-rate prints, portability, ease of use and a ton of features. But, it’s now no longer perfect. While it is a great paper with fingerprint and smudge-evidence qualities, it’s nevertheless quite costly.

As of this writing, a one hundred twenty sheet % of picture graph paper with ink is set for $47.00 if bought on-line. That equates to approximately forty cents consistent with print which is double the same old 20 cents consistent with print you’d locate at different on-line or nearby shops.

The fundamental benefit with the PD-450 is that you get your picture graph in a minute or in preference to ready everywhere from an hour to three days to your pics to arrive.

This is simple to restore with a bit of pre-editing, however without seeing the preliminary print, it’s not possible to understand beforehand. Kodak has created a less expensive and green transportable printing dock that works with a handful of various devices.

Simplicity is simply key right here and Kodak has hit the nail on the pinnacle with the PD-450. This little picture graph printer is restrained to 4X6 prints, however may be a large hit at a celebration and is an ideal opportunity to get prints at a nearby or on-line shop.

With all matters considered, that is a pleasing all-in-one answer that works wonders with editing, sharing, uploading and printing of actually any picture graph that your smart-tool can access.

4. Canon SELPHY Best Sublimation Printer

The people who want to print durable photos for friends and families so this is the right option for those. Canon produces user friendly devices that are great for competitive users.

This device comes with a variety of connectivity options, providing flexibility while keeping convenience. This is not a pocket sized model.

It is a device that is perfect for a congested desk, a small place or a bedroom. As it is made with plastic so this is lightweight but there is no carry handle.

If you want to get true probability so you need to buy an optional battery ( for a surcharge). if you want to bring this printer to a party or a family event where there’s an electrical outlet nearby so the paper tray and printer can fit in a satchel bag as well as its AC adapter.

Lets see the more amazing features of this printer such as it comes with a 3.2 inch LCD screen that enables you to view the menu and preview photos. This printer comes in two colors, black and white. You can choose one of these two colors to suit your crowded desk or bedroom.

Also has a series buttons that are used to navigate the menu but sadly there is no touch screen system. Dye-sub (as it’s normally known) makes use of warmness to vaporize the colors from a roll of cellophane-like movie onto the sleek floor of the image paper.

This cartridge is positioned within side the aspect compartment of the printer. The paper is then loaded into the provided paper cassette, that is then inserted into the front compartment of the printer. Plug the printer in, flip it on, and use the on-display menu to make your alternatives and you’re right to go.

As we know that there are plenty of connectivity options so there is no difficulty of any kind here. The provided SD card via the CP300’s built in card slot or from a USB flash drive can directly print the images.

This is the easiest wireless setup we used. The wireless printing from iOS and Android devices is possible using the Canon PRINT inkjet / sylph app. I think 4 x 6 inch paper is the enough size of your pictures which is the size of the final print after separating the perforated and top edges.

Despite this being a typical snapshot print size, you can choose to print more than one image on a sheet in different layouts, from two up to multiple images in the same print, each in a different size.

The amazing feature of this is that editing control. There are few amazing editing controls such as brightness/contrast/color adjustment, cropping, skin smoothing, red eye correction.

You can also choose border or bordered prints and add camera shot dates. You can also select to add a surface pattern for a less glossy finish. But if you want to take ID photos so this has also the tool to get them right.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 can print approximately fifty five prints in a unmarried battery charge, that’s a full-size development from its preceding version that would best print approximately 35 pages. The best sublimation printer that perform with the aid of using the thermal method, and surprisingly, it is able to use 256 sun sunglasses in line with color with a devoted color ink cartridge. Canon SELPHY CP1300 is a notable compact printer that is each pocket and user-friendly.

You would possibly have a few boundaries at the same time as the usage of it just like the picture length and the battery life; however, it’s miles an fantastic alternative in case you are on a price range and also you simply want to keep a few memories.

5. WorkForce WF-7210 Sublimation Printer

This is another best sublimation printer by Epson as their workforce is powered by exact central. It is a single function broadsheet printer. This is the best gadget for small offices necessary printing pages upto 13 by 19 inches.

The features include print well over at realistic clips, mobile connectivity and support a wealth of standard. As we have said before, they can print rimless pages upto 13 by 19 inches along with automatic two sided pages up to 11 by 17 inches.

This is an equal size of its forerunner. but you need some place to manage it. Also there are two drawers that contain 250 pages each along with a reverse tray on the back for printing one off sheets for instance premium photo paper or labels.

Plus you can load a single sheet of paper size 13 by 44 inches in the behind paper cassette. Both paper drawers can be made up of 10 number 10 envelopes and up to 20 sheets of premium photo paper.

The best sublimation printer has a maximum monthly extent of use of 20,000 pages, with a recommended monthly print quantity of 1,300 pages. Plenty of connectivity options such as connecting to single PC via USB and WIFI direct, near field communication(NFC), and Ethernet and WI-FI.

NFC and WIFI Direct both are peer to peer networks that allow you to connect your mobile devices with printers without either of them or your printer being connected to another proxy network or router.

It provides high quality printing like other best sublimation printers. This unit will ensure that you never run out of ink due to its dash replacement that keeps track of your ink and orders more when you’re running low.

This printer also comes with two additional inks that kick in unexpected times and use an unknown amount of ink when they do. It is the best option for business as it comes with two drawers that can be a huge benefit for the business environment.

However, all the features of this make this the best sublimation printer.

6. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact  Sublimation Photo Printer

Canon sublimation printer

Canon is one of the most reliable printer from a reputed brand. If you are looking for some mid price range printer with more function this one if for you. As you know sublimation printers are working on different method as compared to inkjet printer.

Sublimation printers use heat to transfer colors onto various subtracts. You can get high-quality print with the Canon printer. The best part of this printer is you get fully fry photo instantly and your photo will remain vibrancy for long time.

This canon printer is compatible with different devices you can easily connect it with your smartphones or tablet through the Canon Print App. Or you can directly use your USB or camera’s memory card. One of the most user friendly printer so you never feel difficult to operate this.

With its 2 to 3 inches screen you can easily edit or see the print of your design before print. You can say that its one of the compact and portable sublimation printer that comes with optional battery pack. So you can easily print anywhere direct from your smartphone.

  • Simple and sleek design
  • 2 to 3 inches tilting screen
  • compatible with different devices
  • Print high-quality photo
  • Print multiple size photo

7. Epson Workforce WF-7710 – Best Multifunctional Printer

Best Multifunctional sublimation Printer

Another best sublimation printer that becomes famous for its user-friendly options like you can easily place 250 sheets at single time in this printer. That make large printing very easy with Epson sublimation printer. You can easily use this printer for scene up to 11*17 inches.

Best feature about this printer is double-side printing. More you can easily operate this printer with its 4.3 inches color touch screen also comes with auto document feeder So you don’t need to worry about document feeding. Compatible with smartphones so you can easily connect this with your smartphone via an app and operate it through your smart phone.

You can also connect this printer with direct WiFi ethernet of NFC. So if you are looking for some sublimation printer under $300 this one is the best choice. One of the best printers for any type of office work or office use. As usual with this printer, you also need to configure with 4 individual ink cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black)


  • Connect with wired and wireless
  • 250 sheets adding space
  • 4.3 inches control touchscreen
  • Compatible with smartphones devices

8. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 – High Resolution Printer

Sawgrass sublimation printer

Another famous company to make printers. Here is another printer that is only designed for sublimation. If you are looking for some low-cost startup printer for your office work this one is the best for you. With this sublimation printer, you can easily customize your production without any professional skills. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 is one of the user-friendly printers that anyone can easily operate.

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 to used minimum ink and less power consumption and gives you high-quality print quickly. So you can easily print on mugs, T-shirts, mouse pad and many more! The best thing about this printer you can get CreativeStudio with this printer so you can easily design your prints by upgrading your package.

With its color management software, you can easily manage color scheme so you can easily set optimal color output.

  • Low-cost printer for beginners
  • Easy to operate
  • An old company famous for printing purpose
  • No-touch LCD

9. Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S – Best Quality Printer

Mitsubishi sublimation printer

Here is another example of lightweight and compact printer this printer can easily install in a small place. This small printer is available in both glossy and matte looks. With this small size printer, you can easily print high-quality images.

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S is designed with ink rewind technology so you can easily print 4*6 photos and 6*8 ribbons. This printer is compatible window and Mac both. Printing speed of this printer is 11.4s with 300 dpi. If you are looking for some under $500 sublimation printer this one is perfect for you. Really easy to operate.

This printer has 32GB internal memory so you can also save your images in this printer and easily print any time.

  • Comes with 3 year warrenty
  • Max resolution is 300 dpi
  • Ink rewind and roll back function
  • Clear and high-quality images
  • Not compatible with mobile devices

10. Mitsubishi Compact Digital Dye Sublimation Thermal Photo Printer

Mitsubishi sublimation dye printer

Here is another best sublimation printer by Mitsubishi that you can easily use for personal and professional purpose. One of the best sharp color printer comes with thermal transfer technology. With this printer, you can easily print 4*6 print in just 8.4 seconds.

One more thing about this printer you can easily print from 2*6 to 6*8 with this printer. You can choose between matte and glossy surfaces. Different modes of printing ultrafine, super fine, and fine prin modes so you can select different modes for different quality printing.

USB 2.0 port easily connected with your computer. One of the best compact color photo printer that comes with ink rewind and rollback optimizes that help you to consume most out of it.

  • High quality photo printer
  • Choose different modes
  • Portable photo printer
  • Bit noiser ink jet printer

11. Brother Business Color Laser Printer

brother sublimation printer

Here is another best example of sublimation printer. Its a four-color lazer printer. Print up to 31 pages in minute got 6.8cm color ocd touch screen so you can easily operate this printer. Also, it has 250 sheet standard paper try. You can also use this printer for google cloud print.

Best thing about this printer you can get two sided printing facility with this printer so you can save your time and money as well. Compatible with mobile and wifi devices so you can operate it with different devices as well. If you are looking for some printer that gives you high quality business printing in less cost this one is for you.

You can also have triple layer security with this printer so you can easily use this printer with NFC card reader.


  • Powerful printer
  • Speedy and quality printing
  • Lest price printer
  • 250 sheet paper tray
  • double printing

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We try our best to make a perfect list of best sublimation printers we also consider the price range of these printers in our mind thats way we didn’t mention any high price printer in this list. In this price range, the Brother Business Color Laser Printer is the perfect example of sublimation printing in quality it can easily compete with all printers of this range. Easily compatible with different devices so you can easily manage to use this printer remotely.

What is Sublimation Printer

Q: What printers can be used for sublimation?

A sublimation printer will let you make use of a dye on a floor with a low temperature with introduced pressure. The technique guarantees an organization layout on a paper without the hazard of smearing or overheating. After you operate the sublimation technique, you could get commenced on moving what’s produced onto a cloth material.

Q:Can any printer do sublimation?

In this situation you need to get a best sublimation printer to use a dye onto an undercoat, a useful means to be shifted onto the cotton material. Choosing a best sublimation printer will be of great benefit to you in your business. Images taken from a printer will have a positive effect on your business.

Q:What is the difference between inkjet and sublimation printer?

Inkjet printer print by spraying microscope droplets liquide from nozzles while a sublimation printer work by heating that contain sublimation ink that become gas without liquefy first

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