7 Best Vertical Monitor For Gaming Buyer Guide in 2021

Best Vertical Monitor

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Here we will discuss about best vertical monitor that offer you to rotate your screen in vertical mode. Mostly professionals like to switch between landscape and portrait screens. If you are looking for some vertical monitor that can adjusted on pivot, height, and tilt position at 90-degree angle.

Best Vertical Monitor Buyer Guide In 2021

Mostly people love to use social media, play games, and people that love coding use these professional vertical monitors. The main reason of using these vertical monitors is their portrait and landscape mode you can easily use both modes in these monitors.

Widescreen monitors in horizontal view give you an amazing experience for gaming, watching movies and coding as well. Different types of vertical monitors available in the market. So! how can we know which one is best for us?

Vertical Monitor Types
We divided vertical monitors into different categories like 1080p vertical monitor, 1440p vertical monitor, 4k vertical monitor, gaming vertical monitor and vertical monitor for coding.

Best 1080P Vertical Monitors

1080P vertical monitor gives you an opportunity to see a wide-angle view with some amazing dot points that we can never identify at regular monitor. Mostly these type of monitors used for reading, coding, and typing. Because with these monitors you can easily identify any mistake in coding easily and you can never feel burden on your eyes while reading something on these vertical monitors.

Best 1440P Vertical Monitors

The main difference between 1080P and 1440P monitor is sharpness and screen size. These 1440P vertical monitor are best for video editing, professional photography, and gaming as well. So if you are a professional and looking for some vertical monitor for your 1440P vertical monitor are best for you.

Best 4K vertical monitors

If you are looking for some top-notch vertical display these monitors are the best to see sharp ages. These monitors are ideal to watch 4K content and high-quality display. Mostly professional people in video related fields using these type of high display monitors.

Best Gaming Vertical Monitors

Now its time for gaming, Gamers that wish to play their games in vertical mode oped these type of gaming vertical monitors. Mostly gamers use these monitors as a secondary monitor to chat while they are play live games on Discord or twitch.

1. ASUS VN279QL 27 Vertical Monitor

ASUS vertical monitor

No first in our list is ASUS Ergonomic monitor that compatible with HDMI and VGA display ports. One of the smart design monitor that only has an 8mm width. If you are looking for a monitor for multi-screen watching this is one of the best monitor. Its ergonomic design helps you to adjust its screen according to your needs.

Easily adjustable on tilt, swivel and pivot angles. You can also adjust its height. In this monitor ASUS use Vivid Pixel technology to give its user more clear picture screen view. Monitor also have different HDMI, D-Sub, smartphone and tablet devices compatible ports.

Its 27″ clear view gives you clear view from different angles so you can easily use this monitor as second monitor as well. Super narrow design, all latest devices HDMI ports, mobile phone compatibility make this monitor super comfortable for its user.

2. Dell 22 Inches LED Vertical Monitor


Dell Vertical monitor

One of the affordable monitor in this list! So if you are looking for some affordable vertical monitor this one is perfect for you. One of the best Dell P series monitor that is excellent for professional and personal use. Its matte black finishing and sharp curves make this monitor more stylish.

HD resolution monitor with 27″ inches screen gives you clear view so you can easily use this for coding purpose and video editing as well. Small footprint and Thin from easily adjustable at small place and does not take much space on the desk.

IPS 1920*1080 display clear result and batter contrast of brightness is the main function of this monitor. Its 60HZ refresh time is little bit confusing for high rated gamers. But the overall performance of this monitor and picture quality is perfect for still pictures.


3. Samsung 28 inch Vertical Monitor

SAMSUNG 28 inch vertical monitor

Samsung UE570 is a 28 inches display with an LED-backlit that is perfect for different angles view. One of the best ultra view monitor by Samsung that give UHD resolution of 3840*2160. AMD Free sync monitor perfect for gaming easily split screen.

Its 60Hz display and different connection ports give users free hands to connect their laptops with different HDMI and USB devices. Its sleek metallic stand easily adjustable in small places. If you love to watch 4K resolution videos or looking for some monitor for video editing this one is the best for you.

Clear screen and fast 1ms motion response are perfect for gaming. Its steady visual display perfect for high-level gaming. Its eye saver mode optimized for viewing and reduce blue light. So you can easily watch movies on this monitor as well.

4. Dell IPS Display Vertical Monitor

Dell 21 inch led monitor

If you are looking for some bezel free monitor here is the 3 sides bazel free vertical monitor that gives you uninterrupted view to its user. One of the best monitor to watch movies and video editing. Best thing about this monitor this vertical monitor comes with plethora connectivity port.

Fuly adjustable stand easily client between different position pivot, tilt, and swivel. Its sleek bezel free design makes it easy to use multiple monitors. Its small footprint does not take much space on computer desk. Its IPS 1920*1080 display gives user crystal clear display. Ideal 27 inches vertical monitor.

All these things make a batter contrast and improve its brightness and display quality from different viewing angles. This monitor has adjustable response time so you can easily adjust its response time from 8ms to 5ms according to your needs. Overall performance of this monitor is perfect but this monitor has not AMD FreeSynce that is huge downside of this monitor.

5. ASUS 25 Inch Eye Protection Monitor

ASUS 22 Inches vertical monitor

If you are looking for some 1440P vertical monitor ASUS PB258Q would be the best monitor for you. One of the best multi-tasking monitor. Ideal monitor for any environment for office and home. Front button to control contrast and many other functions. Fully functional small stand that offers pivot, height, tilt and swivels verious.

Best monitor for programmer and video editing in terms of display. Brightness is enough to watch text in daylight as well. 5ms response time perfect to any type of latest gaming. This monitor also gives users 75HZ refresh rate support.

ASUS PB258Q panel display is made by LG so its a combination or wrapped monitor with ASUS brand name. IPS technology used in this monitor which makes this monitor perfect for side veiw as well.

6. LG UHD IPS Display Vertical Monitor

LG UHD IPS Display monitor

One of the al round vertical monitor that you can use for personal and professional tasks. This monitor has AMD FreeSync IPS screen that gives user perfect view from front. Curve stylish stand simple and sleek monitor. Excellent design for small space on desk.

LG 27UK850-W 4K monitor can easily used for gaming and multi tasking purpose. Its AMD FreeSync provide smooth gameplay. Apart from that you can also get many other features in this monitor for gaming such as Black Stabilizer and fine revelers to watch dark scenes clearly.

One of the best affordable vertical monitor that has many lastest features and easily sync with latest devices through HDMI ports. If you are passionate gamer and looking for some latest technology embedded monitor this one is perfect for you.

7. Acer Vertical Monitor With IPS Display

Acer Vertical Monitor

Acer XFA240 is on of the TN based monitor that works fast as compared to other monitor. This monitor is commonly used for gaming to clearly see fast moving objects. Tilt, swivel and height adjust ment options are embedded with this monitor small round stand.

As Acer used TN technology in this monitor so its price is also reasonable. One of the best affordable gaming vertical monitor. If you have limited budget to buy a gaming monitor this one is perfect for you. Due to its TN technology response time of this monitor is 1ms that is perfect for gaming purpose.

Its fast pixel transfer time is with a 144 Hz refresh rate to entertain users on high frame rate movement. All these features make this monitor a best choice for gamers and its G-sync for stutter-free and smooth display.

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Q: How to change my monitor to portrait mode?

Ans: Simply connect your monitor with your gaming laptop or PC. Go to display setting where you an find 1 and 2 identify the monitors by click on identify so you can easily know which one is number 1 and which is no 2 and then click on portrait.

Q: How to make my monitor vertical?

Ans: default position of almost every monitor is horizontal but you can easily change the default position from horizontal to vertical got to the display setting and here you can find monitor screen rotating options.

Q: How to make my Dell monitor vertical?

Ans: Every monitor even its Dell, ASUS, Lenovo or any other can be moved to vertical screen. But for this your monitor must have rotatable stand so you can easily adjust your screen in vertical position first.

Q: How to setup two monitors?

YOu can setup two monitors by going to setting click on computer shape screen and then display tab, by scrolling down you can find the option of multiple displays here you can select the multiple display option and click on “Apply”. You can also read our “How to Move FullScreen Game to Second Monitor” as well.

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