How Long Do Laptops Last? How To Make Them Last Longer?

how long does a laptop last

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One of the most common question that everyone ask while they are going to buy a new laptop. How Long Do Laptops Last. So here is the answer???

How long should a laptop last?  How To Make Them Last Longer?

Its totally depend on you and your machine that you are going to buy. Main thing that we need to change most commonly is the laptop battery. second thing that we need to change most commonly is the laptop RAM. All other things will easily work more then 5 year approximately.

how long does a laptop last


But its totally depend on the situation as well. You can also increase the lifespan of your laptop by using it in perfect environment and charge it properly! not over charged or plugin every time. We all use laptops and we know how carelessly we used our laptop in term of charging.

This is the main factor that cause the drain out battery. So lets talk about briefly about the “How long should a laptop last?”

How long does a laptop last?

As we mention above different factors involve that make your laptop obsolete and make it unusable after 5 and more  years. Quality component are play important role in any laptop life. If you buy some good laptop that build with  some quality components you can easily use that laptop for many year without facing any issue in that laptop.

But if you buy some cheap laptop that just build up for short span of time like with some repaired components then you will face many problems after some months as well. So the quality components are the main factor that increase your laptop life.

Second thing that we consider in any laptop life span is its build quality.

Many companies build up their laptop with some strong body cause to can prevent their laptop from damages if their laptop will slipped from user. But with that build quality your laptop weight will definitely increases. Laptop are also become obsolete for many other reasons like outdated processors, graphic cards, RAMs, their storage space and ports.

With the passage of time progress in technology field make every thing more speedy then ever before. If we can say with the passage of every day we have some new model that introduced in market with small size and batter speed options.

Laptop Screen Cracking

One of the most common issue that we faces is laptop screen cracking we turn off our laptop perfectly fine but when we turn it on. We surprised with crack laptop screen that is also due to quality of screen or some time our mistake will lead us that result. How to repair laptop crack screen was our question at that time.

This progress makes old laptop vanish from market very soon!

How you treat with your laptop is also another factor that play a major laptop in your laptop life. You need to take care of your laptop otherwise you laptop will not last you long. The task you perform with you laptop on daily basis also a factor that make your laptop life long lasting or short.

If you are using your laptop for some heavy task like you use you laptop for gaming, laptop for video editing, and laptop for business. All these three things are totally different. If you use your laptop for gaming , video editing etc. Its means that you are using some high performance software in your laptop and that software required full components performance so chances of your laptop life become decreases.

Where as if you use your laptop for daily task like you as some business men use laptop just to keep an aye on their daily work reports that are commonly uses some office type software. Then you laptop life span will definitely increases.

How much money spend on laptop?

How mush money you spend to on your laptop is directly proportional to laptop life. Like you spend more and increase your laptop life.

  • If you spend $300 to $500 to buy a new laptop then it will work 2 to 3 year
  • If you spend $500 to $700 then your laptop like will be about 3 to 5 years
  • If you spend more then $1000 while buying a laptop then you can easily use that laptop for up to 7 years.

Many laptop comes with year of guarantee like one year guarantee, 2 year or 3 year guarantee so you can easily imagine the durability of your laptop by company guarantee claim.

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