Many people want to play their game on different monitors. There are different methods to move your full screen game to a second monitor. This process depends on different factors like the game, your monitor settings and also graphics drivers that you installed on your computer.

How to Move FullScreen Game to Second Monitor

In this article, we will discuss about how to move your full screen game to second monitor. All these methods have simple steps so you can easily adopt that method without having any technical skills.

Once you make your second screen and primary screen, you just need to change the game setting so the game can adapt to the monitor settings.

Method 1 Projector Mode

The first method to move the fullscreen game to another monitor is by using projector mode. One of the simple tricks that many gamers use is to play a different game on another screen.

The first step is to make sure your gaming is not in running mode then you can switch your computer to projector by pressing the Window key+P then select the projector only mode. With this process, your computer appears as if it is receiving the signal from only one monitor which is also known as a secondary monitor.

But with this method, your first monitor will not display any output from the computer! However, you can easily play the game on the second monitor normally.

After that, you can launch the game and switch the projector mode off. Then the game will continue to display the second monitor.

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Method 2 makes your second monitor as primary monitor

The second method is also quite easy and has some simple steps. In this method, you need to make your secondary monitor the primary monitor.

The steps are below to make these changes to play the fullscreen games on the second monitor.

In Windows 10 follow these steps to move fullscreen game to second monitor.

1. Connect the second monitor to your computer.
2. Right-click and then select the screen resolution on the pop-up menu.
3. You can also find screen resolution from the control panel
4. Now choose the monitor “make this my main display” this checkbox will only appear when you select the display.

how to move fullscreen game to second monitor

These settings are applicable for the new Windows 10 version even if you are using an older Windows 10 version although there are some slight changes.

Follow these steps if you have an earlier version of Windows 10

1. Go to the start menu and click on the control panel.
2. Go to display or appearance.
3. Select the setting tab.
4. Now here, choose the large 2 number and click on the checkbox “make this my primary monitor”. By clicking the second monitor and apply setting by click on the “Apply” button. All things will be moved to the second monitor.

If you have ATI cards then you need to follow these steps to make your second monitor as the first monitor.

1. Click the settings tab
2. Go to “Advanced”
3. Choose the “ATI Displays” if it’s available. Otherwise, you need to update your graphics driver
4. Now select the monitor that you want to make your Primary and secondary and save the settings.

Change your game setting

After changing your monitor setting, you need to change your game setting as well. This allows you to play your fullscreen game on another monitor. Some games don’t have these settings while others will allow you to choose the display where you want to play the game.

According to Windows recommendation, you need to set the primary display to run the game application on the switching monitor. So you have to select your primary monitor as a game monitor to play the game on it.

Method 3 – Using third party software

Method three on “how to move fullscreen game to another monitor” is by using third-party software. You can easily find several tools to automatically move the fullscreen games to a second monitor. These tools will help you to connect with the second monitor with HDMI splitters and move the fullscreen display on the secondary monitor.

You can also change display setting with the help of these tools, This process is also very simple and manage all things easily. You can find that software on the game recommendation. Or you some online sources can provide that software. So you can easily search them online as well.

Final words

We discuss limited ways about how to move the fullscreen game to a second monitor. But the second method is the best method overall as it will not interrupt your game and you can easily enjoy your game on the second screen.

That method works fine on almost every computer that we tried. Just you need to have update graphic drivers and graphic card drivers to get full performance when you are playing games on your second monitor screen.


What if the second monitor doesn’t have a compatible video connection?

The most common way to connect a secondary monitor is via HDMI cables. If your monitor can’t accept an HDMI signal, you may need to purchase an adapter.

Do you think that it’s possible to multitask by gaming and watching TV at the same time?

If you’re playing an online video game with friends, then it’s very likely. Other than that, most people agree that multitasking is hard to do. Your brain decides what to focus on, so if you’re watching TV while gaming, your cognitive attention will be divided between the two tasks. If you want to do both things at the same time, try setting up your game so you can see both screens at once!

What if the second monitor doesn’t have a compatible video connection?

The most common way to connect a secondary monitor is via HDMI cables. If your monitor can’t accept an HDMI signal, you may need to purchase an adapter.

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