10 Best Laptops with Digitizer Pen Support Review In 2020

A laptop is a good information source processor to transfer the information between the people. Some laptops with digitizer pen support to use them. The active stylus function is helpful for regular use. Moreover, this system is useful for different parts.

10 Best Laptops With Digitizer Pen Support

The people want to use the digitizer support laptops for their benefits to make a clear view on the laptop screen. For this purpose here, we have a list of Best Digitizer Pen Support Laptop.


1. ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 Ultra-Slim Convertible Laptop, (Best overall)

ASUS is the brand new laptop in the market with all good features settings. The 360-degree convertible system is also good for all time use. The touch display also gives good accuracy and a good shape. Full HD view is more prominent with a pen digitizer support functions.


Touch Display

The LCD system of this laptop is good. So, the shape of touch screen laptops with ultra-slim thickness makes more accuracy for all time use. The touch system with simple pen support is better to use for all time with ease of setting. Flipable touch screen with 360-degree rotation power gives good versatility and strength in the ASUS Zenbook laptop.

Fast Speed

The speed of processing depends upon the processor. So, the ASUS Zenbook laptop processor is good and better enough for all-time work with a smooth and straightforward setting. The Intel Core i7-8565U Quad-Core processor with perfect graphic card helps to give adequate power for regular use. Overall, laptop speed is excellent for better performance speed of work.

Slim And Light Weight

The laptop of Zenbool made with good quality features. So, it has good power and strength of looking for all-time use. The weight is light and has a slim power to look for easy portability. So, you can use this at any time with effortless strength. The overall body made with aluminum to give good strength and sleek shape. One of the best laptop in the list of best laptops with digitizer pen support

  • Lightweight
  • Sleek body
  • Portable laptop
  • RAM is not good enough.


2. HP Elite X2 1012 G1 Detachable 2-IN-1 Business Tablet Laptop (High processor)

The thin and sturdy look of the HP Elite is better for use. The double function settings give good accuracy for regular use. The critical point is that this has excellent and slight shape 12″ body screen helpful for easy and HD view.


LED Backlit

The laptop has a good feature of the touch screen. Therefore, it has a good system of LED for a more prominent look and workability. The digitizer pen support helps to give good accuracy and strength for use. Moreover, this model of HP is a special feature power of regularity in work without any troubleshoot.

HP Active Pen

The keyboard of this laptop is better for work. Moreover, it has a good quality of functions for active pen support. This helps to give good accuracy for work. So you can easily use this system for work at any time length. The main thing in HP Elite is its excellent and supportive digitizer pen system for all processes of creation.

Complete Accessory

The laptop of HP is in the portable shape. The 360-degree angle of moveable setting with full HD display is good. Moreover, the front camera also set in the system for full feature functional ability. The Bluetooth and a good network of WiFi settings help to make it good for use. The versatile shape feature is also good enough in this model.

  • Good convertible
  • Easy use
  • High performance
  • Price is high


3. Acer Spin 3 Convertible, 14 inches Full HD Laptop (Sturdy design)

All the new model of the laptop in the 8th generation has good useability power and performance. The Acer spin also has some good functions. This model is present in the 8th generation with complete digitizer support. Good battery life with a slim body shape is good for regular work.


Slim Body 

This laptop model comes with a full smart shape. So, it is easy for all time use. Moreover, it has good functions for the easy portable system. You can use this for any purpose and use it as a tablet with simple digitizer pen support. Good bezel support with slim body gives a good shape for use.

Good Rechargeable Battery 

The battery of this model is accurate for work. You can use this for almost 7-8 hours of effort. This has good strength for any laptop to help in the sue. Afterall a good stylus function also helpful for the easy charging in less time. The battery safe at sleep settings as well.

Convertible Display 

The display of this model is good enough for shape. The design and shape look elegant. Moreover, the display is fully convertible for all time use. You can use this for any time with an easy setting. The exhibition with a touch pen active setting and full HD view help to give accuracy and good shape.


4. Dell Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1 (14 in) Stylus Pen, BoxWave (excellency in work)

Dell series laptops are good for all time use. Moreover, the functions and settings are also excellent for work. The display and shape of this model look elegant. The strength and stability with good USB portability make it more accurate for use.


Stable Laptop

Dell Inspiron model has good power and strength for long time use. The touch system also gives good accuracy in speed and easy working with the use of simple active pen support. Moreover, the screen looks in proper shape with smooth shape. The stability power of laptop increase with the help of all setting at well power and useability.

Active Stylus

The active stylus is also better to give good electric functions. The laptops show better results for regular work. The screen of the laptop show goos strength and power. So, you can use this to show all the functions in a full HD supportive system. You can write and work in good shape and network without any problem.

Good USB power

The perfect USB system is good for work. Easy portability and date transfer also easy enough. So, you can use this for multifunctions settings. The processor speed is good enough for all time work. Ultrafine tip of the active digitizer pen is helpful for regular work. After all, the laptop is good for use with all sets and accessories.

  • Complete accessory package
  • Easily installed setting
  • Good active pen
  • Hard drive low


5. Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop (Good functions)

The good AMD processing speed with ease of work always good for the regular work. The shape and design of this laptop with complete digitizer pen support looks elegant. The multi-mode system is good for work. The bezel support with a full touch-screen display is also better for regular work.


Fast Speed

The speed of the laptop is good for processing. The computer is in full HD view with good working power. Moreover, it’s quite easy to use. You can use this for video, photo editing, writing, and gaming as well. So, all speed functions work in a better way. This is all is due to good processing speed and high RAM power.

Good Design

The design of this laptop model of Lenovo Flex is good for use. Moreover, the touch screen display adds an extra feature for the elegant look. The overall view of the laptop is good enough and excellent in shape. So, you can get this for use with ease of setting. The 8th generation laptop is quite good for work.

Good Processor

The processor use in this laptop is good for regular work. Moreover, speed is also high with this system. Therefore, you can use it for development, gaming, and some other jobs of video editing and much more with simple power. This has all the quality of features for regular work. You do not need to worry about use, and it has a good active pen with digitizer bezel support.

  • Good bezel support
  • Efficient system
  • Excellency in speed
  • Use battery in less time



6. Acer Spin 3 Convertible, 14″ Full HD IPS Touch, Laptop (High performance)

The full slim and ultra-strength system helps to give good accuracy for work. The excellent use of 360-degree is helpful for all view seen in full HD mode. The laptop is quite better with versatile performance. The rechargeable stylus work to move the computer into the computer system.


Good Sound System

The laptop is quite good for work. So, it is best to use for video watching and different scenes with a good mixture of audio and video. Moreover, it’s better for all time use. You can use it to watch many things. The dual speaker system for sound is better for performance.

Flexible Setting

The laptop has a good function of full view for regular work. Flexibility comes with a good setting. Moreover, it’s quite good to work in a complete sound system. Easy processing and healthy functions are helpful for regular work. Furthermore, this model of Acer is well performed with all good quality features.

Full HD display

The display of this laptop is entirely HD in function for use. Moreover, the touch screen system with good bezel support help in easy parts. You can use this system for regular work and better performance as well. However, it’s quite good with simple processing speed and working ability as well. You do not need any extra power to make it good. Its overall performance is excellent.

  • Good performance
  • Heavy processing
  • Excellency in shape.
  • Less durability


7. HP Envy x360 15.6-in Full HD Touchscreen AMD Ryzen 5 8GB 256GB SSD 2-in 1 Convertible Laptop (Good bezel support)

This is a good AMD series laptop of HP Envy. All in all, it is quite good for regular work. The full HD display with the setting of a good function is better to use. Moreover, backlit is strong for regular work.


Multi-touch System

The laptop is made with an excellent setting. So, all the functions work in a very smooth way. This laptop specially made with all the quality of features for regular work experience. You can use it for heavy processing and browsing in the laptop with excellent power of work. You can use it with easy touch pen support of digitizer functions.

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Good Wireless System

This laptop is quite good for its wireless functions. Moreover, it helps to connect easily. This good connectivity system helps to give adequate strength to power for work. The excellent Bluetooth system with smooth WiFi connections is helpful for regular use. Overall this model is fully strong for work.

Sleek Design

The design of this laptop is overall sleek and smooth enough for regular use. This looks like the Dell, but functions are the versatile in shape an performance as well. However, you need to use this laptop with excellent pen support of full bezel functions in all settings. The design is sleek and smooth looks like a simple notebook. The portability is better for all time use.

  • Good portability
  • Easy HD view
  • High performance
  • High price and low processing


8. Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop, 14″ Full HD IPS Touch, 8th Gen Intel Core I5-8265U (Sleek Look)

The laptop is quite good with its performance. Moreover, it is functional for regular work. The processing speed is good enough. The Gen Intel Core I5-8265U processor used in this laptop to make it more accurate for regular work use.


High Performance

This model of Acer shows good performance in all types of work. It has good solid and sound functions for regular work. You can use this laptop for web browsing and an excellent processing setting. The processor works efficiently for regular speed and ease of setting.

Good Active Pen

Active pen use in this laptop for easy touch. Good bezel support also better to use for regular work. Moreover, it has all the sound functions for regular work experience. This gives good accuracy for use and easy processing. A quite good system of solid touch support is helpful for the multi-functions setting.

Sturdy Design

The overall design and display of this laptop are excellent in shape. Moreover, all the functions are better to perform different functions. However, it is quite good for performance and sleek functions helpful for regular work experience. The excellent use of the sound system and heavy processing speed is better for work. You need not worry about it’s battery time and working experience as well.

  • Sturdy design
  • Good battery life
  • Healthy sound system
  • Excellent bezel support with touch active pen
  • Low processing power



9. Acer Spin 1 SP111-33 Ultra Slim Touch 2-1 Laptop Intel Processor N4000 4GB 64GB SSD 11.6in HD LED (High-quality)

The Acer spin is a well-performed laptop with good processing functions and has solid strength for regular work as well. The design is sleek and smooth with accurate shape.

Laptop Keypad functions 

The Acer has a traditional keyboard, slightly than any of the industry-leading hardware often set on good machines. The keys are high enough to avoid all the errors in the system, and they have a slightly concave shape to make comfort and consistency. The buttons create a normal amount of settings, and their mechanism is softer than the tool found on most other laptops.

Laptop Performance 

It’s one of the more powerful chips from AMD’s new mobile functions, and it has a solid specification alongside AMD’s latest architecture. Its four cores are multi-threaded, and it’s base clock system for all multi works.

Screen And Touchpad

The Acer spin has a touchscreen, which is accurate on paper, but the quality is good to set in it. The brightness range of the system is good. It’s good enough for most indoor value, but try to use the system for easy working.

  • Good display
  • Easy functions
  • High processing speed
  • Heavy price


10. Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, (Better processor)

This laptop is the brand new model for all time use. Moreover, good processing speed is helpful for regular work and easy setting. The overall performance is quite good for work and makes good stability for easy setting as well.


Good Speed

The speed of processing is quite good for use. The excellent processor always good to make better speed. So, you can use this laptop for multi-functions settings. Moreover, processing and browsing speed also increases with the increase in good strength and use setting as well.


The laptop made with all quite good feature power and setting for the regular work. This is durable enough for all times use. Moreover, the strong force of this system also increases with its excellent work speed. You can use it for all functions in a straightforward way.

Good Backlit

There is a backlit keyboard that is smooth for typing. There is no number pad on the keyboard. The screen is connected to the center using two small, flexible hinges. They are strong and can help fold the laptop into four modes laptop, tablet, stand, and features of a tent are also set in it.

  • Heavy-Duty
  • Excellent speed
  • Easy processing
  • Low-speed of work


If you are a student or gamer and also work in an office, you need to want the laptop with good digitizer support and to complete the work easily. But you have a low weight and budget with less price then ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 Ultra-Slim Convertible Laptopwhich is the best laptop for you to buy it and get benefits from it.

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