10 Best Laptops with Digitizer Pen Support Review In 2020

A laptop is a good information source processor to transfer the information between the people. Some laptops have the digitizer pen support to use them.

10 Best Laptops with Digitizer Pen Support

Main Points

The people want to use the digitizer support laptops for their benefits to make a clear view on the laptop screen. For this purpose here we have a list of Best Digitizer Pen Support Laptop.


1. NBPCLCD Screen Replacement HP Envy X360 15M-DR 15M (Best Overall)

The Envy x360 15 work speed like this well, it has a sleek all-alloy shape, it’s comparatively inexpensive, and it’s overall show case and view of the laptop as you think to find that type of work on it with good Digitizer Pen Support in it.

NBPCLCD Screen Replacement for HP Envy X360 15M-DR 15M-DR0011DX 15M-DR0012DX L53545-001 15.6" FHD LCD Display Touch Screen Assembly w/Digitizer Control Board w/Bezel (Support Pen Touch)

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Big Screen Covering

This HP envy laptop has the features of some good shape and extra quality features of a screen with touch system and has a function to cover the entire screen with the shopper.

Display Functions

The HP has an extra edition of a display of some good and relative size to show the overall screen and the covering in it. This laptop with heavy digitizer pen support has the display of almost 15″ heavy screen size to show all the pictures and other things on it easily.

Working Performance

One of the major set of a 15-inch laptop is that there’s more setting for cooling device tools than there would be on a 13-inch shape, which in changes means that developers can outfit more powerful CPUs and graphics settings added in this laptop.


  • Good audio system
  • Battery life is good
  • Perfect touchpad


  • Keys are wobble type


2. LCDOLED Replacement 15.6 inches UHD 4K IPS 40 Pins LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer (High quality)

This laptop has the basic quality characteristics with good quality series of digitizer support of pen in touchpad functions. It’s the basic function in the UHD series HP digitizer pen supports are set in it.

LCDOLED Replacement 15.6 inches UHD 4K IPS 40 Pins LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Bezel with Controller Board for Lenovo Yoga 730-15 730-15IKB 730-15IWL 81CU 81JS (3840x2160 Resolution)

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Compatible Model

This model is compatible with most of the laptop series like as the HP Yoga etc. The 15IWL 81CU 81JS with good and compact style of the pen support is attached to it. The stylus is also set in it to give your laptop more support.

Display System In Laptop

This laptop is with good and high-resolution power of the mostly 3840 *2160. There is an LCD connector is set in it The complete size of the system is 15.6″ and has the LED and LCD backlight functions also give you some extra advantages in it.

Material Set

The complete package which is set in this laptop is the Digitizer pen support. A Bazzel assembly is also set in it with this good quality feature touch digitizer is manage in it.

Specificity Functions

This material o complete package is set only for the touch laptop model to give them an extra benefit for work in the heavy load and release the good support in it. Because in this model the LCD connector which set in it is specifically good for the series to give a shape with help of Digitizer Pen Support in it.


  • Good LCD connector
  • Stylus pen support
  • Supportive quality


  • High in price
  • LED is not set



3. C CLON 14″ 1920×1080 LCD Display Screen Digitizer Support Pen Touch (Good package set)

This laptop with touch digitizer pen support is an original, brand new touchscreen assembly for Lenovo Yoga 530-14IKB and Yoga 530-14ARR laptop that compatible with 5D10R03188 and 5D10R03189. LENOVO yoga is equipped with all the quality features and all are set in it.

CClon 14" 1920x1080 LCD Display Screen Digitizer Support Pen Touch for Lenovo Yoga 530-14ARR 81H9

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Laptop Keypad functions

The Yoga has a traditional keyboard, slightly than any of the industry-leading hardware often set on Lenovo’s good machines. The keys are high enough to avoid all the errors in the system, and they have a slightly concave shape to make comfort and consistency. The buttons make a normal amount of settings, and their mechanism is softer than the tool found on most other laptops.

Laptop Performance

It’s one of the more strong chips from AMD’s new mobile functions, and it has a solid specification alongside AMD’s latest architecture. Its four cores are multi-threaded, and its base clock of 2.2GHz uses Boost to reach a peak of 3.8GHz.

Screen And Touchpad

The Yoga has a 1080p IPS touchscreen, which is accurate on paper but the quality is good to set in it. The brightness range of 218 nits is low. It’s good enough for most indoor value, but try to use the Yoga outdoors or under particularly bright lights and the screen will struggle.

Laptop Design

The Yoga 530 is a mid-range laptop and it looks like it. The setting around the keyboard is compiled in a dark aluminium, but the rest of the Yoga is made up of to keep the price down. There’s a dark logo on the lid, but that’s small t for extras. It must also be stated that the screen’s bezels aren’t particularly slim.


  • Good shape
  • Touchpad works accurately
  • High in performance


  • Slow processing


4. KKSC Lenovo Yoga 530-14ARR 81H9  Screen Digitizer Support Pen (Compatible Machine)  

Lenovo’s Yoga series of laptops include basic as well as premium models. The Yoga 530 and the Yoga 730 are some of the newer additions. This KKSC is best Lenovo model yoga functions settings are set in it.

KKSC 14'' LCD Display Screen Digitizer Support Pen Touch for Lenovo Yoga 530-14ARR 81H9

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Build Setting Of Laptop

The shape of the Lenovo Yoga 530 is different from all of the laptops, but there is nothing unusual from the outgoing Yoga model. The Yoga 530 characteristics nearly the same design. It has the same curve and polished corner, with a textured plastic on the top. This laptop is tough and strong. The laptop we reviewed was a grey variant that Lenovo calls, Mineral Grey all different colours are also available in it.

Bazel Covering On Screen

There is a backlit keyboard which is smooth for typing. There is no number pad on the keyboard. The screen is connected to the centre using two, small, flexible hinges. They are strong and can help fold the laptop into four modes laptop, tablet, stand and features of a tent are also set in it.  The Yoga 530 weighs 1.6 kg, which is a bit heavy to use as a tablet. The display of the Yoga 530 is cover by a small bezel on three sides but has a strong lower bezel.

KKSC Connectivity Setting

A fingerprint sensor just behind the keyboard, on the right. It can be set for unlocking the laptop and to make the online payments. As far as connectivity ports go, the laptop houses one HDMI, two USB ports, one USB Type-C port, headphone port jack and a card reader.


  • Good Portable Laptop
  • Extraordinary quality
  • Excellency in speed


  • The keypad is not adjusted


5. Bblon LCD Digitizer Support Pen Lenovo Yoga 530-14IKB 81EK (Sturdy Support)

Bblon Lenovo’s new 530 series is set at price-conscious users and companies that seem the benefits of the convertible machine. The Yoga 530-14IKB is rated settled, but there is some finish associated with this low price, including the device by offering comparatively heavy for a convenient digitizer pen support device a laptop is set to use for long work durations.

Bblon LCD Display Screen Digitizer Support Pen Touch for Lenovo Yoga 530-14IKB 81EK

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Laptop Covering

The cover looks strong enough, but we could wrap covering by applying a fair amount of strength; the case sounds also. By different, the huge and heavy display lid is normally stable and is not sensitive to your best works at twisting it. One-handed open centre is normal though as there is no indent to get a property on the lid with and the straps are especially tight.

Portability Method In Yoga

The Yoga 530 has the small standard of ports for a device gives in 2 years before. You did not expect flagship-level connectivity though given the device’s starting price. Our test device has three USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports, the latter of which is USB Type-C. All ports are set towards the back of the left and right-hand sides of the device, so no cables should get in your way when you’re working at a table or desk.

Trackpad Adoptability

The Yoga 530 does not have a normal ClickPad. The touchpad it does have has roughened settings that result in slightly damp fingers growing stuck to its cover. In short, sliding actions are more of a burden than on other devices. The accuracy and responsiveness of our test laptop device trackpad are unremarkable too.

Overall Display

There is also a 1366×760 touchscreen different available according to Lenovo. We suspect that this variant has a TN board. The Yoga 530 is on par with two of our association devices though, with the ProBook x360 getting around 60% bright light than our test device.


  • Functional setting
  • Connectivity is good
  • All the ports are set in it


  • Low quality
  • Works normal



6. JCD LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly N156HCA-EBA Dell Inspiron P70F (Accuracy in work)

This is the perfect LCD system for the series of dell all model to make the laptop more accurate and good for work during the use of complete touch screen and pad sets are helpful for the adaptability with Touch and Digitizer Pen Support in it.

JCD 15.6" 1920x1080 LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly N156HCA-EBA for Dell Inspiron P70F

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Active Support

This Inspiron model has complete settings for making the laptop more featured to give it active support in the Inspiron Laptop model. This support is the bazel method which is helpful for full HD display views setting adaptation in it. The Pen support as the digitizer is fit for mostly the laptop which has the settings of a touchpad method and this is suitable for you to buy that one.

Touch Bezel Adoptation

There is the touchpad more effective method to make the laptop more prominent with using any frame attachment in it. The assembly in the laptop is more settled for moving the laptop without any changes in the working experience in the work time. A touchpad bezel setting is better than the normal frame set in it.

Screen Resolution Settings

This laptop of dell model is equipped with the high-resolution power of the laptop to add more features in it for the high efficient work. A good and accurate resolution which is set in this screen is the most normal range of the 1920×1080. This range is just fitted to make the laptop more settled for that type of model and series of ll the dell laptops.

Compatible screens Inspiron 7559

The part number you’re looking for is WY3N4. You can’t replace just the screen, though. You need a complete upper assembly including the screen, digitizer, frame, back cover and cables. You need this to change the complete setting not just only the screen of this laptop.


  • High resolution
  • Good laptop for work
  • The great power of digitizer


  • A little bit expensive
  • Low in worth



7. LCDOLED Replacement Digitizer Assembly Lenovo Ideapad Flex ( Low price)

The Ideapad Flex laptop has good quality characteristics for the movement of work and some extra features are also added in it for the best opportunity work of the laptop to add more power and strength in the laptop as digitizer pen support to perform well.

LCDOLED Replacement 14 inches FullHD 1920x1080 IPS NV140FHM-N48 LCD Panel Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly with Bezel for Lenovo Ideapad Flex-14 Flex-14API Flex-14IWL Flex-14IML 81SS 81SQ 81XG Series

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Touch Controller Board

There is a touch controller board is set in this machine to make the laptop more attractive to get you extra work in it. The main function of this touch board is just only to maintain the working speed and heavy mechanism to maintain it in proper shape. The touch control setting makes more accurate laptop to add the touch system in it.

IPS Functions And Resolutions

This model has extra features for the IPS adoptability setting in this laptop for extra work and show extraordinary features in it for full HD view and seems to appear as a good extra features work.

Portable Model

This machine is portable and as well as adaptable for your device to set and attach it with different types of the FLEX model and it is easily set in it.


  • Good controller board
  • Compatability
  • Low in price


  • Quality is poor



8. FirstLCD ISP LCD Display Touch Screen Replacement HP Envy X360 (Speedy setup)

This laptop with 360 angle setting and has an extra additional power twist to make the laptop more portable and has the adaptability of full touchscreen and Digitizer Pen Supports pad function are set in this model.

FirstLCD ISP LCD Display Touch Screen Replacement fit Pen Touch for HP Envy X360 15M-BP111DX 15M-BP112DX 15M-BP011DX 15M-BP012DX 15M-BQ021DX 15M-BQ121DX 925736-001 +Digitizer Board+Bezel FHD

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HD Screen

This model of the machine has all the extra strong setting on it as good HD display power with the full-length high size of the screen of almost 15.6″ set in it. This HD screen is the full set in the laptop of HP Envy models.

Support Stylus

This model is also equipped with the good stylus of the extra power of good and high support setting for the LCD to work like the all accurate and powerful movement in the laptop during the working time.


  • Stylus support
  • Looks good in design
  • High in power


  • Low quality
  • Costly machine



9. ASURION Office Equipment Protection Plan Tech Support (Powerful device)

This is the full package with all the accessories power setting in it to use in the office for a long duration as a good digitizer pen support and well set in it. This ASURION is equipped with Good LCD and full protection settings in it.


Heavy Load Package

This system of the package is also set with a totally complete package of office use and set as a good screen settings in it. Remarkable settings make a laptop more powerful and prominent for the work.

Laptop Screen Power Srug

This model of the ASURION is set in the well-mannered to make the laptop more powerful and sturdy enough for better performance in the heavy office load work. The screen as good as then this powerful performance works better in it.

Good Quality settings

This laptop with all the heavy settings is equipped in it to make the laptop best for work at a heavy load. This feature and adoptability in it make the laptop and complete machine setup as a heavy for compatibility.


  • Heavy working capacity
  • Good Model Set
  • Adoptable functions


  • Screen breakable
  • Damaged LCD set


10. C Clon Lenovo Yoga 530-14IKB 81EK Digitizer Support Pen Touch (Classical shape)

This model of the Lenovo is set with a good quality pin and screen in it. The Yoga 530-14IKB is associated with this low cost, including the device being comparatively heavy for a convertible.

CClon 14" 1920x1080 LCD Display Screen Digitizer Support Pen Touch for Lenovo Yoga 530-14IKB 81EK

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Portability And Connectivity Settings

The 530 has the minimum standard of ports for a device released in 2018. We did not expect flagship-level connectivity though given the device’s normal price. Your test laptop machine has three USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports, the latter of which is USB Type-C. All ports are set in the back of the left and right-hand system of the device, so no cables should get in your way when you’re working at a table or desk.

Streamline Package Setting

The 530 is equipped with speed and strength to upright your productivity and laptop functionality. Discrete graphics handle heavy-duty photo-editing work with good and speed speedily. Take your cinematic and gaming system to the next level.


  • Good portability setting
  • Heavy streamline functions
  • Good Screen


  • Connectivity is not good


If You are the student or gammer and also work at office  you need to want the laptop with good digitizer support and to complete the work easily. But you have the low weight and budget with less price then LCDOLED Replacement Digitizer Assembly Lenovo Idea pad Flex is best laptop for you to buy it and get benefits from it.



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