10 Best Virgin Killer Sweater To Buy In 2021

virgin killer sweater

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Virgin killer sweater

This article belongs to the brief description of the history, origin and top 10 products of virgin killer sweaters.

What is the virgin killer sweater and when it was released?

Before talking about some popular products of the virgin killer sweater we should know about what the virgin killer sweater is? Virgin Killer Sweaters are erotic sweaters to use for multiple context such as Anime, Cosplay and sexual arousal. One can easily drive the meaning and purpose of this sweater that is meant to drive virgins crazy sexually.

These sweaters are used by women to make them sexy and centre of attraction among folks. It is a skimpy, backless and sleeveless sweater or jumper that comes with the plunging neckline. It is designed to show off some side boobs and is highly alluring at the first sight.

It was originally worn by the Japanese models and the images promptly went viral. The company behind the kinky knitwear said that it will bring out more daring range. The jumper has been labelled with Japanese saying “doutei wo korosu” which means that the sweater that kills virgins.

It hangs low in the back to expose some bum. It is widely open at the back and on the sides to expose plenty of side boobs and top edge of the buttocks. It comes with many different styles and price range.

Who is the Model wearing the virgin killer sweater?

The Japanese glamorous model Jun Amaki, 21 years old was the first lady who published some of her daring images wearing the virgin killer sweater. She is known as the “women with the anime body”. Her Instagram pictures set was liked thousands of times and has more than one hundred and sixty-nine thousand views on the videos.

When the virgin killer sweater was released?

It was introduced in Japan and the main goal was to make women more attracted to shy males. It gained international recognition when Jun Amaki posted pictures on her Instagram account wearing it. The virgin killer sweater first released in March 2017 and sold out DAY.

The virgin killer sweater first found fame in Japan but now it also has gained popularity all over the world. It has gone viral just after being released on the internet stores. Young girls love to wear it and it is a favourite jumper for women to attend comic shows and fashion shoots.

You can easily buy it from various online stores and these are available with various versions. Some designs are offered in just one size while others have multiple sizes to make it accessible to everyone, irrespective of her body shape. The Village Vanguard have released the latest designs including the jumper and bikini with cleavage.

The new design comes with the signature open back and displays even more flesh. The company is very confident about the new range and are very much confident to sell out super quickly.


1-Pxmoda Women Sexy Backless Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater Halter High Neck knit Jumper Vest

virgin killer sweater

This beautiful virgin killer sweater is made up with high quality 100% knit wool Pxmoda brand. The backless and sleeveless sweater jumper with halter turtleneck is soft and elastic that can be fit on any body shape. The stretchable jumper’s material is thin so that you can even wear it in both summer and winter.

Its softness makes your experience free of itching and discomfort. You can freely move with this extraordinary sweater. It is one size fit. The actual size has a Length 23.6 inch, Bust 36 inch and Collar 7 inch. You don’t need to worry about the small collar size because it is stretchable therefore it is applicable to most sizes.

The maximum bust size is 36 inch. This sexy top is very popular particularly in Japan regardless of the season. It is all season wearable tops and can be worn on hot or cold days equally. It comes with a snug fit to wear it properly according to your waistline.

It might be a little short for taller ladies but can wear it with shorts for a decent look. It runs a bit low on the sides that’s why it is preferable to wear it with coats in cold weather.


2-Luck2Buy Women’s Sexy Backless Hollow Out Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater One-Piece Bikini Knit Tank Top Vest


This deep bust hollow out sweater is made with soft and comfortable material to make your look and feel great. The elastic material hugs your waist to adjust according to your curves. It is a one-piece sweater with sexy backless design. This excellent buy sweater comes in 8 different colors to make your color selection free of hassle.

It fits for XS-L dainty girls or ladies and it measures with Length 58cm and Bust 90-92cm. To make you more sexy and cute, it adopts one-piece bikini bottom design. This knitted sweater contains a large open back and has labelled “doutei wo korosu” which means it excites a virgin man so much that he would die.

This jumper can fit for all ladies weighs below 137 pounds. Although it could be a bit short for taller ladies. It is very popular to wear in evening parties and fashion shows. Its large front hole makes it look sexy and different from other virgin killer sweaters. While ordering at an online store, you should keep in mind that the color of the sweater may vary from what is seen on the web.


3-H&L Japanese Sexy and Cute Anime Cat Embroidery Sexy Lingerie Underwear Cosplay Sleep

amine cat lingerie

This alluring set comes with Bra, Panty and Choker. It is made up with super stretchy material that hugs according to your figure to make it perfect fit. The H&L Japanese Cosplay Sleepwear has a super cute Cat embroidery on the chest with a keyhole that makes it highly appealing and alluring.

It is a perfect selection for the bedroom to spend your private movements with your lover. The bra is sexy but maybe a little bit tighter for hot ladies because it is designed for Asian ladies. Ladies having a small bust think it fit while ladies having big bust think it a little small. Its measurement is Chest: 82-98cm and Waist: 80-94cm.

It wraps your chest and its charming design ensures that you look as tempting as ever. This cute Anime embroidery sexy Japanese lingerie comes with black and white color. The thongs of panties can be tied into bows at both sides to make your look more enticing. The bell choker and two small ears on the panty enhances the overall feminine look.


4-Sorrica Women’s Sexy Turtle-Neck Crochet Backless Sweater Japanese Anime Cosplay Cable Knit Pullover Sweater Jumper

turtle neck virgin killer sweater

The Sorrica Women’s Cable Knit Pullover Sweater Jumper is knitted with super fine and delicate material. The sexy turtleneck backless sweater is exceptionally comfortable and soft. It is a great sexy gift idea for your loved one. The sleeveless design is used to show off your charming curves.

It is a perfect jumper especially for ladies having a small height because the hemline of this sweater covers a small portion of your thighs which gives the impression that you have a long leg. It comes with four different colors, black, white, grey and green.

The sizes are Small (bust: 33.79 inch, length: 23.97 inch), Medium (bust: 35.37 inch, length: 24.23 inch), Large (bust: 37.72 inch, length: 24.68 inch) and Extra Large (bust: 40.08 inch, length: 25.14 inch). You can use it for casual outfit and everyday wear.

The sleek design and soft material ensures the alluring look and comfortable feel. It is a great value of money with its affordable price. Its great quality material doesn’t fray even after washing. It has a different design from casual sweaters with addition of some modern details.


5-Nicetage Women’s Sleeveless Slim Fit Mock Turtleneck Knit Pullover Sweater Stretch Basic T Shirt Tank Tops

sleeveless slim killer sweater

The Nicetage Sleeveless Virgin Killer Sweater is a new fashion knitted sweater with high neck and ribbed design. The slim fit knit pullover sweater is made up with 100% Acrylic and Spandex material that is super soft and stretchy. Having a more modest design, it can be worn all day long in all seasons.

It features sleeveless, turtleneck, slim fit with plain patterns. The basic knit pullover layering sweater shirt comes with seven different attractive colors to use it as casual wear or work wear. The slim fit mock turtleneck top can be paired with shorts, leggings or skirt in summer while you can wear it under wool a coat or jacket with jeans and boots in cold season leaving you looking smart and stylish.

The stretchy fabric material hugs with your body shapes and makes prominent of your charming curves. It is a perfect choice for a party, casual daily wear or night out. It is a very comfortable sweater with simple and cool design. It is an extremely versatile top with an affordable price. If you love new fashionable jumpers then this sweater must be a part of your wardrobe.


6-TOMORI Womens Cute Cosplay Lingerie Set Lolita Virgin Killer Sweater Sexy Angel and Devil Thongs

virgin killer sweater lolita

TOMORI Womens Lingerie Set Virgin Killer Sweater is a super thin knitted sweater. The set of top and panty is very attractive and cool. The short top being a big shoulder collar that shows a good waist line. It includes special cute angel and devil wing thongs to make the design more attractive.

It comes with four standard sizes small, medium, large and extra-large for ladies having weigh 40-60 Kg. Basically these are Asian sizes with collar/shoulder: 30-78cm, top length: 31cm, sleeve length: 61cm, waist circumferences of thongs: 58-92cm. With a large array of colors and sizes, you can easily select one of them for you or your loved one according to the body shape.

The top is cropped and a major area of shoulders are open which show off your collarbone to make you more attractive. With two standard colors white and black, the set of Lingerie Virgin Killer Sweater comes with thongs and a headband. The top is made up with soft and high quality material to wear it comfortably and confidently. This naughty and sexy set of lingerie can heat up things in the bedroom.


7-YOMORIO Womens Anime Virgin Killer Sweater Japanese Turtleneck Knitted Underwear Backless Pullover

womens anime virgin killer sweater

The YOMORIO Womens Anime Virgin Killer Sweater is a cute sleeveless sweater with large open back and sophisticated laces on the back of the neck. It is made up with high quality Acrylic material which is starchy and comfortable to wear for a whole day. The turtleneck knitted Virgin Killer Sweater has a bikini bottom design.

It comes with sixs different colors black, white, brown, grey, blue and red but has only one free size with bust: 36 inch, length: 31 inch and neck: 7 inch.  It features sleeveless, backless, above thigh length and knitted turtleneck. You can easily pair it with a coat in the winter season to surprise your lover.

It is a perfect option for club, party and holiday occasions. It is neatly tied into a delicate bow at the back to enhance its attractiveness. It can gracefully use with jeans or leggings because of its thigh length style. It is very popular in Japan especially among young ladies and it is almost a compulsory part of all fashionable ladies. The design is simple and cute which can also be used as casual wear.


8-Elibelle Japanese Kawaii Sweaters for Woman Sexy Backless Hollow Out Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater

kawai sweater for women sexy backless hollow

The Sexy Backless Hollow Out Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater is made up with 100% Acrylic and high quality cotton material to wear it comfortably without irritating your skin. The backside of this sweater is fully open to intensify the sexy feel and look.

The bust section also has a small open area right in the middle of the sweater that makes it extensively alluring and good looking. The sleeveless design can easily pair with a coat to make you more charming. You can also wear it with long shoes to go in a pub. This virgin killer sweater is one of the best collections for parties, night outs, holidays, Halloween and to wear into your bedroom as well.

The Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater has highly erotic design and very popular among young ladies. It comes only in one free size that can be used for small to large size. There is no multi colors option available. It is a great sexy gift idea both for virgins and married couples. This could be one of the most exciting and sexy sweater additions for your wardrobe to make you more fascinating.


9-TOMORI Anime Virgin Killer Sweater Japanese Schoolgirl Cosplay Costumes Strappy Knitted Sweaters Black

japanese turtleneck knitted backless sweater

This Virgin Killer Sweater has a gorgeous design with Vintage high neck and sexy waist cut out. The sexy strappy panty is very easy to wear and take off and also make the design more appealing and stunning. To make it more pleasing the half of the back is open. It is made up with soft and comfortable fabric of 100% Acrylic.

This high quality material allows you to wear it in all seasons whether on its own or pair it with a coat of leggings. It comes with free sizes that can fit for all sizes including Extra small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large to make it fit for all body size ladies. It comes only in black color so you don’t have a choice of multiple colors.

TOMORI Anime Virgin Killer Sweater is a kind of sexy lingerie and can be used in many occasions like club wear, party wear, role play costumes and many other special events. The panty is not separate but it is a part of a bikini with straps on both sides that enhance the attractiveness of the sweater.


10-Paloli Women’s Knit Turtleneck Sleeveless Open Back Sweater Anime Bikini Top Vest Virgin Killer

anime bikini top vest virgin killer sweater

The Paloli Turtleneck Sleeveless Open Back Virgin Killer Sweater is a beautiful bikini top. It is made up with soft, stretchy and comfortable 90% wool. It is very comfortable so that you can wear it for a day long. It is very delicate therefore it is recommended for hand wash with gentle detergent.

The design is really superb with a turtleneck collar. A small opening at the front of the bust makes its design sexy and charming. It is fit for ladies having bust: 35.4 – 36 inch and length: 25.9 inch. It could be tighter for hot ladies. This knitted virgin killer sweater is very alluring with sleeveless and backless sexy cutouts to show off your charming curves.

It comes with 7 different colors to make your selection easy with your favourite color. Because of its appealing design, it has gone viral not just in Japan but also many other parts of the globe. If you love fashionable jumpers, then you should add it into your wardrobe selection. It is a perfect choice for club, friend’s parties, date and casual wear as well.


Bottom Line

There are many different designs of Virgin Killer Sweater available in the market. A lot of options are available but which suits you according to your body structure is difficult to judge. We will discuss some key factors that you should consider before purchasing a virgin killer sweater for you or your loved ones.


Virgin killer sweaters are sexy apparels which expose too much body parts to make your look and feel alluring. These are specially designed for extroverted people, who love to wear short and fashionable outfits. These sweaters are not good for introverted, religious or shy ladies. If you have a decent figure, then it will really make you hot and boost up your personality to make you the centre of attention.


These sweaters are made for pornography, parties, fashion shows, acting and other same purposes. These are also ideal for sexy gift ideas. Whatever the purpose you have, you should select it according to your purpose.


As we all know that price is one of the major factors to buy anything therefore before finalizing a virgin killer sweater you should keep in mind that it must be within your budget. There are plenty of options available in the market with different prices. A good news is that most of the virgin killer sweaters are affordable.


Most of the virgin killer sweaters show off too much of your skin because their designs are erotic therefore they are ideal for indoor events. In addition, because a large portion of your body is open therefore it is difficult to wear them in the winter season for outdoor activities. You have to pair them with coats or other similar apparels to keep you warm.

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