Acer VS ASUS Which Brand Is Batter [Review 2020]

When we are going to compare something we want to know their pros and cons. So we can consider that which one if batter then other. Now people become brand conscious they love their favorite brand but in technology we have to choose the best performing gadget.

Acer VS ASUS Which Brand Is Batter Review 2020

In this article we are about to compare two big electronics brand ACER VS ASUS both these brands are the most famous brand in laptop world. Every one is familiar with both of these. Both brand have some similarities and dissimilarities so we can easily choose the best for us. Both of these companies are Taiwanese based companies.

acer vs asus

Lets have an over view about both of these companies If we talk about age Acer comes first Acer was found in 1976 but at that time it was not Acer is was known as Multitech that build different electronics items for home office as well.

But in 1987 this company re-brand with the name of Acer and Asus was found at 1989 and amazing thing about this its founder was work as Acer hardware engineer before starting this business.

Acer is now start elaborate their business in cloud services, Smartphones and also manufacturing wearable devices. Asus making different electronics parts that you can find embeded in different other brands as well.

Acer Laptops Review

Components of Acer

Lets take a look at Acer and find out if they have some extra features that beat Asus at any point. If we take a look at specification on both Acer and Asus we find things similar with each others. But one thing that we keenly observed that Acer used dual core process more then quad core core processor that reduce the cost of laptops.

laptop for machine learning

But they cannot compromised with the quality that’s way we cannot feel any speed issue even with their dual core processor. Display feature of Acer compatible with market that offer quality display screen, HD quality high resolution and back light.

But the Predator laptops of Acer are very famous because of their curve and large 21 inches display.

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Design of Acer

If we talk about Acer design here we become disappointed because of their dumb design that makes laptop more heavy. But if we compare Acer laptop with other brands available in the market we face the same problem with other laptop models.

But over all Acer design makes their laptop more heavy and bulky as compared to Asus, more you cannot get much colors in Acer laptops. So you have to choose between limited colors. So if you are design conscious then Acer will definitely disappointed you at this point.

Acer Laptop Verity

If we talk about product verity then Acer have wide verity of laptop for different peoples you can easily find your field related laptop with Acer.

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Lets talk about Acer Price Range

Acer comes with all categories laptops with the best reasonable prices but when you choose some gaming laptops of Acer like Predator 21x then its is outrageous. Students and most people cannot buy that easily.

21 inches curve screen makes the view batter but they cannot do any further upgradation. You can easily find other cheaper gaming laptop which will blow the predator out of water. But you can also find low budget laptop in different other laptop verity.

Acer Customer Support

If we compare both companies we find that Acer received more complaint then Asus. Also have decent customer support department but despite all these thing we find many dissatisfied Acer customers.

Although Acer wins innovation, and design award. But a number of large customer are still dissatisfied with the support, some of them answer wrong. Many people return their machine for repairing and they received back their machine with further more issues.

Acer Innovation Award

Acer wins the innovation award because of its verity models available in limited color scheme. They make their laptop frame more strong, and able to stand long time in the different test. So that make their laptop more heavy.

Acer provide strong, and reliable laptops. Acer wins different award in past which include

Red dot design award

RGO, VGO, VL7 Ultra HD Series, C2 Series

iF Design Award

Swift7, Predator Triton 700, Predator Orion 9000, Aspire S 24, Predator X34, Predator X27, Holo 360


Asus Laptops Review

To find out which brand is the winner in Acer vs Asus we need to dig deep into both brands so lets have a look at Asus as well. This will help us to make a final decision which one is perfect for us. So we compare Asus with the same areas as we talk about Acer before.

Asus CUK ROG Strix Scar Edition

Asus Components

As we know mostly companies are used same components that almost resemble with each others. But here we want to raise a point ASUS use quad core processors even in their basic laptops so you can get more speed if you are testing ASUS for multitasking.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop are the most famous models in these laptops ASUS added some hinges that differentiate these latops from Acer. Their batter view angle and Nvidia GPU grab the gamers near to their laptops.

But you have to pay more to get more ASUS gaming laptops prices goes up when you sum up these things in your laptop. All other components of both companies are almost same.

ASUS Designs

When it comes to design no doubt ASUS is the winner at this point if we compare it with Acer laptops. Most of their latest model include metal casting finish that make these laptops more reliable and gives them a professional look.

But some customer complain about the marks and scratch on their new laptops. Over all if you look at ASUS ROG Zephyrus you can fall in love with its slim, sleek looking and light weight laptop.

These laptops look bulky, large but they cover up with some awesome curves that makes them more stylish then Acer. So the winner in design category is ASUS. no doubt.

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ASUS Product varity

ASUS also have a large range of different laptops as Acer You can easily find different category laptops in ASUS as well

You can easily choose the laptop that suits your taste and budgets. But their gaming laptops are the best when it comes to the customer satisfaction.

Price Range

We cannot find much difference between price of both brands. Both brand have all type of laptops from basic to professional level and price goes up and down according to that. But keep in mind quad core and dual core have a significant difference so before buying any Acer laptop check the same specs laptop in ASUS if there is not much difference in price then always prefer ASUS because of their quad core specification.

Customer Support of ASUS

As ASUS also have a large number of customer to its quit difficult to satisfy all customers. But their website also makes customer confused about registering complain and find out the solution of their problem properly.

Customer also complain about their support line that compiled them to wait for long waiting time. Sending machine back for repairing and return back with another problem is also some customer complains. Some customer also complain about extra charges even with in the warranty.


No doubt ASUS wins the gaming laptops competition when we compare it with Acer laptops. Their ROG Zephyrus models become most famous laptops among the gamers. Because of their batter performance because of Nvidia Max-Q GPU graphic cards, Slim and light weight people love ASUS.

But you have to spend some more extra bucket to purchase these laptops.

Final verdicts about ASUS VS Acer Laptops

Both of these are the best in the laptop world. Acer comes with latest verity adding some new innovations in their machines. ASUS also not stop innovation they are also adding many different things in their laptops. But both have some different domains. Like in design we can easily say ASUS is the best, For gaming we can also vote for ASUS.

But if we talk about some professional business people we adopt Acer for this. Their laptops are decent and have some reliable models that people are using for long time. If you have some limited budget you can easily choose Acer laptops.

In the end we can say both companies are working hard to make their customers happy and satisfied.

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