Laptops have become a necessity in today’s society, and it can be tough to handle one if you’re not careful. This is especially true when it comes to accidents that could result in a cracked laptop screen. Here we will go over the most common types of damage that laptops sustain, and how they can be fixed without replacing the entire screen with a new one.

The cracking screen is one of the problems that we face while using laptops. Sometimes you close the laptop with an ok screen but when you open it you find cracks on the screen. Then you start thinking about repairing the screen. So many people ask this question that how to fix a laptop screen without replacing it.

The laptop is one of the most important inventions of the last decade. It has been an integral part of our culture, and it’s hard to imagine people going back to a time without them. For many people, laptops are their lifeline: they work on them all day long and use them for entertainment at night. And while we’re grateful that these devices have made life so much easier, we’ve also found ourselves with a new set of problems because of this reliance.

One such laptop problem is cracked screens-as more people drop their laptops or accidentally throw them across the room in frustration, issues like cracked lcd screens become more common than ever before! If you’ve experienced this issue firsthand (or if you know someone who has), there are ways to fix it without replacing the whole lcd screen.

If you’re worried about paying for a new laptop just because of a cracked screen, here is how you can fix it yourself and save some money in the process!

How To Fix a Cracked Screen Without Replacing It

How can we break our laptop screen accidentally??? Sometimes we are in hurry and put the laptop in our bag and anything in a bag like a laptop charger or cable can become the cause of crashing our laptop screen. In my case, I am also facing the same situation once I was in a hurry and the laptop charger was already in my bag and in a hurry I put my laptop in the charger pocket.

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When I open my laptop to complete the work that was a heartbroken moment for me my laptop screen is damaged. At that time I don’t know what to do with my cracked laptop screen. I have to complete my task within a limited time and don’t have money to purchase a new laptop. As you know we need some extra money to buy a new laptop.

So at that time, I was thinking to repair my cracked laptop screen because I was not in the condition of purchasing a new screen for my broken screen laptop and I need my laptop badly at that moment. So the only option open for me is to repair my broken laptop screen.

I start searching online on my mobile but find many spam methods that really don’t work and waste a lot of time. So I am going to share a valid method that works for me and I was able to repair my cracked laptop screen.

Laptop Screen Repair Step By Step Guide

Laptop screens are delicate and sensitive. When they do break, it is best to repair them, rather than replace them with a brand new one. A laptop screen can be broken in many ways so there are many reasons why you might need to repair it. The reasons range from your pet jumping on your laptop to dropping your laptop onto the floor. Repairing the reasons for a cracked LCD screen might save you some time and money when compared to replacing an entire laptop screen.

Before repairing the cracked laptop screen is damaged you need to check properly your motherboard or your laptop graphics card. Sometimes there is a problem with our laptop graphics card we are about to change our laptop screen. You can check the laptop graphics card by adding your laptop graphics card to any other laptop.

Or you can use short keys to check your laptop graphics card properly. If you are fully satisfied that your graphics card is not working properly then choose the option to repair your cracked laptop screen.

The thing that you need to repair your cracked laptop screen

  • Head screwdriver more preferably magnetic screwdriver
  • Container to place all your screw in that
  • Nito-tape to fix cracked laptop screen crash

Working Area

You’ll need working space in order to get the work done, so make sure you find an area where you won’t be easily distracted. But make sure that your working area is also well-lit; working with a cracked screen is near impossible if you can’t see!

Guidance to fix the cracked screen

Before opening your laptop screen check these things properly so you cannot face any problem after repairing the cracked screen.

  • Check the laptop internal screen attachment
  • Note damage percentage of your screen
  • Check battery is your battery was in working percentage.
  • Unplug the ac adapter and remove the battery.

After doing all these things when it’s confirmed that the problem is with your laptop screen it’s time to open the laptop screen from the front. You can easily find little screws on the front side of your laptop screen. By using a head screwdriver you can pull out that screw easily.

Now Carefully remove the cover of your laptop screen. Remove the bezel from the laptop screen check the screen is cracked if it’s small. Don’t worry about it you can easily repair it. Apply any thin object on a broken laptop screen and apply a little bit of force.

Now your laptop screen will be free for bazel and carefully remove the laptop screen if the cracked part is big then you should remove the laptop screen and replace is careful.

After that, you need to sum up everything properly and at this time if you choose a magnetic screw (magnet helps). Fix the screen damage properly and here you need to check the wire connection.

Nito tape: an adhesive that can be used to repair damaged screens by covering the crack with its non-hardening foam material. Nito tape provides excellent protection from dirt and dust and can

Why a cracked screen is bad for your laptop

A cracked laptop screen is a big problem, as it can lead to many other problems. It’s important to fix the crack as soon as it happens because a small crack will quickly spread and cause all sorts of problems on your laptop. For instance, dirt particles will find their way into the cracks and cause more scratches on the screen. A cracked laptop screen will also be more sensitive to sunlight and it might suck up some power from your battery.

Cracked laptop screens can lead to physical damage, especially if the screen has a large crack going all the way through. The pressure from your fingers on a cracked screen can create wear and tear that can’t be seen by the eye. This is one of the reasons that replacing a screen is costly and time-consuming. A new screen will have a warranty that fixes defects found in it. However, when you replace a cracked screen with another, you introduce further stress to your laptop computer because of lost warranties for both laptop screens.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages or injuries incurred from trying any of these tips or tricks.

When Should You Replace the Monitor Instead of Trying to Repair It?

If your monitor is in working condition, you may be interested in fixing it instead of replacing the old one. Before attempting to repair your monitor, there are a few things you need to know. First, there are really two paths when it comes to repairing monitors.

The first is when failed pixels are present in the pixel matrix or when an entire line of pixels is defective.

The second path involves replacing the inverter that supplies power to the monitor’s image tube. With either type of repair, make sure to use high-quality materials and assemble everything correctly for the best possible results.

Prevent your laptop from cracking in the first place

It’s important to know how to keep your laptop from getting a cracked led screen in the future. One way to avoid having to fix a cracked laptop screen is to make sure you’re always using the laptop computer in a safe manner. Some good habits by putting it in a safe place to get into are preventing your laptop from ever coming into contact with liquids or high temperatures, which can cause the screen to crack.

Always use appropriate protection when transporting your laptop-you should never put it in the trunk of your car without any kind of protection for example, because this is another place where it can be exposed to intense heat. It’s also important to keep your laptop clean-you should wipe it down every week or so and avoid eating and drinking near your laptop.

Tips for handling a broken laptop screen once it has been repaired

Tip 1: Get a Screen Protector

Screen protectors for your laptop screen are an inexpensive and easy way to prevent it from getting cracked. This type of protector is made from a thin, clear film that attaches to the screen, and will help deflect anything that touches your screen. Even if the protector doesn’t fully prevent your laptop from getting damaged, it can help to reduce the size and severity of any cracks that do develop.

Tip 2: Avoid Drinking Coffee on Your Workstation

Coffee is delicious and helps give you energy, but drinking copious amounts of it while working at your computer can be a bad idea. If you’re going to drink coffee, make sure it’s nowhere near your laptop, and if possible, don’t set the cup on top of your laptop either.

As we mentioned before, even if no cracks appear in the short term from setting liquids directly on top of your computer, over time it will wear down the protective coating and damage the screen.

If you absolutely must drink coffee near your computer, make sure to use a coaster or place-mat to protect it from spills!

Tip 3: Get a Laptop Cooling Pad

Besides being a great accessory for your laptop, a cooling pad is also a great way to prevent it from getting damaged. There are even some models that act as fans to help circulate air around your computer and reduce the temperature of the internals by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit!

Cooling pads can be an easy way to prevent your laptop from overheating, which is one of the main causes of damage!

Havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

Tip 4: Get a Laptop Backpack or Case

Another easy way to prevent your laptop from getting damaged is by using nylon, cloth, leather, or other protective cases. Whether you choose to use a traditional screen case or a soft bag with additional cushioning, cases are an inexpensive way of preventing your laptop from getting smashed or scratched.

Laptop Backpack

Tip 5: Get Your Computer Checked Regularly

Do not put sharp object near the laptop as this may cause damage to the screen. If you’ve recently fixed your broken screen yourself, you might think everything is okay now. When placing your laptop on a surface, make sure that it is level and that the surface doesn’t have anything sharp object or heavy that may cause it to crack.

But even though you’ve made sure to apply all the necessary protections, your laptop can still be vulnerable.

That’s why it’s always best to get your computer checked regularly by a professional service technician who can ensure that there are no potential problems with your screen.

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