Gaming laptops are very famous now but here we will talk about How to play PS4 on laptop or How can we connect PS4 with laptop. PS-4 application is easily used to control your PS-4 with your laptop with the help of simple HDMI. So you can convert your laptop screen into game play screen but its little bit tricky in this article we will guide how you can do this.

So let’s start!!!

How to play PS4 on a Laptop Screen with HDMI

To play PS4 games on your laptop is a little bit tricky but sometimes you want to play your PS4 games on your laptop so here is a brief description about using PS4 with your laptop. It just looks like converting your laptop screen into a PS4 gaming station.

We try our best to make it as easy for you to connect your PS4 with your laptop and to enjoy your gaming without any problem.

how to play ps4 on laptop

The basic thing that is required is that your laptop must have a video input.

You may think that you can just a buy a HDMI splitter and connect it to your laptop and your PS4 and start gaming. Its not that easy. Because HDMI cables do not provide you with two way communication between devices.

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Here we show you two easy ways to play your PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI. With this Video capture card, its quite easy to play PS4 games on laptop but you need to follow the simple steps for that.

1. Via Video Capture Card

With a video capture card you can easily play PS4 on laptop with HDMI connection.

Here is what you will need:

  • PS4
  • laptop
  • video capturing card
  • Internet connection
  • file sharing enabled
  • HDMI with dual functioning

Once you arrange all this stuff just follow the steps below.

1. Check your internet connection

For enabling file sharing, go to settings in the PS4 then Network Settings. Be sure your device is connected.

In some rare cases if you don’t have a wireless internet connection, you can also connect both devices with internet via ethernet cables and make sure both devices are connected with internet.

2. Install the software

Install the software that comes with the video capturing card to the laptop via USB port. Be sure that you have an s-video connection cable and that your card quality is good, otherwise, you will face connection problems.

3. Connect HDMI and PS4 to capture card

Your PS4 console must be connected to the Video Capture Card using an S-Video connection cable. Plug the HDMI out into the console and the HDMI in into the VCC

4. Open and Run the software

Last step is to Run the Video Capture Card software. You should see the PS4 screen on your laptop. Be sure that the application is running in full screen mode display.

Now you can easily play games on your laptop screen. This method is quite expensive but if you are looking for a quality connection then this is one is the best type of connection using your PS4 with your laptop via HDMI cable.

2. Connect PS4 via Remote Play With Laptop Screen (how to play ps4 on laptop)

Remote play is one of the most popular methods that allow users to play the PS4 on their laptop screen. What you need to connect remote play with your laptop.

  • PS4
  • Laptop
  • USB cable or USB wireless Adapter
  • Valid internet connection
  • A PS4 account

When you have all these things, you are ready to get setup

Step 1 Download the App

Go to Sony remote play app website and download the latest version of the app for laptops. With this app, you are able to see your PlayStation screen on your laptop. After downloading that app, simply run the installer and install the app.

Step 2 Enable Remote Play

Go to the setting of your PS4 and click on PlayStation Network. Go into Account Management settings and enable the option, Active as Primary PS4.  You will need to update the PS4’s software by clicking on System Software Update. Now enable Remote Play Connection Settings. Be sure that the PS4 is on rest mode or that the power is on.

Step 3 Turn on PS4 from Network

Usually its enable but its batter to check it once. So go to setting after that power save setting now set the feature available in the rest mode. and enable the turning mode of PS4 once is activated then you are able to stream your PS4 on your laptop.

Step 4 Settings

Go to your settings option, then click Power Save Settings and then Set Features Available in Rest Mode. From there Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.

On the left corner of your laptop, go to setting options. Here you find the resolution setting that is usually setup 720p but you can also setup the at 1080p as well.

But for higher resolution you need more powerful gaming laptop and also a Pro version of PS4 As well.

Step 5 Connect the USB cable or DUALSHOCK 4

At this point, use the USB port to hook up your PS4 controller or use the wireless connection.

If you want to use controller wirelessly, you need to follow these steps as well.

  1. Hold the down share button and PlayStation buttons at the same time until the light bar starts flashing on the controller
  2. Use the USB port to connect your PS4 controller and wait about 4-5 seconds until it becomes paird.

Step 6 Connect with PS4 Network

Now you will see start option after opening the Remote Play app on your laptop. The app will automatically search for available PS4 network and take you to PS4 home screen. (Be sure the PS4 console is turned on.

Now the console is being streamed on your laptop screen. You can also use your laptop mic of keyboard for typing.

Step 7 Turn off PS4 to disconnect from Laptop

Go to power settings and enter Rest mode. This puts the system in sleep mode and terminates your connection with your laptop.

Hope that you find these steps easy to connect your PS4 with your laptop and enjoy your gaming even more.

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