If you update your graphic driver you might see this extra file in your system. First thing first what is vulkanRT??? Is this harmful to your laptop or PC? Should you need to remove it or not.

What is Vulkan RunTime Libraries A.K.A VulkanRT?

We will discuss about vulkanRt in detail way to make it clear weather its harmful or not for your system. volkanRT is the project of Khronos Group which is a US based non-profit organization that makes different graphic related programs. This company is focusing on open standard APIs.

What is Vulkan RunTime Libraries a.k.a VulkanRT

vulkanRT (Vulkan runtime libraries) is one of the low overhead cross-program that run on your system with the help of different APIs. Vulkan is basically provided direct control over GPU and lower CPU usage.



So the first thing is clear here its not a virus that harms your laptop or PC. It just helps your system to perform batter by dividing equal load on every core in multi-core systems. You can say its just like Direct3D 12, Metal and Mantle. But with little dependence on this party APIs for iOS and macOS.

Basically vulkanRT divided workload on different multi-level CPU core equally to give you batter graphical performance when you use any 3D applications such as video games and any other interactive media. Its one of the next generation of OpenGL but it’s not totally replacement of OpenGL.

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Features of VulkanRT

  1. Use in high end graphics card and even in mobile phone devices.
  2. Improve gaming performance and other graphic oriented application
  3. Reduce overhead in terms of performance by dividing the workload on different cores.
  4. Reduce CPU usage during high performance
  5. Divide performance core and make sure they don’t mix out and cause the shutdown
  6. Distribute workload on multi-core CPUs
  7. Work with different OS platforms Vulkan API is not limited to particular systems.
  8. Enhance GPU performance and give batter graphical experience.
  9. Allow the computing kernels that save the need of separate API to be used apart from graphics API.

Is VulkanRT A virus?

If you concern about Vulkan is virus and harm your system then here is big NO! Because its not a virus. It will help you in the gaming graphic laptop. If you know that in 2018 AMD announced that they are generating API that helps gamer to perform batter with the help of that API.

VulkanRT is just like that API that divided CPU core burden equally that make your gaming laptop more lightly in sense of working.

How to get VulkanRT on my system?

If you don’t have Vulkan Rt on your system before and you want to install this after reading our review you just need to update your NVIDIA or AMD GPU graphic drivers you can get vulkanRT with the updates if you keenly observe the new file you can easily find these files.

vulkanrt installation


Most of the new games also now required vulkanRT as their basic requirements so its batter for you to keep your system update.

Should I install the Vulkan RunTime Libraries (VulkanRT)??

NO! you don’t need to uninstall VulkanRT libraries from your system because if will help you to run different games and we already cleared that it’s not a virus that harm your system in any sense.

Some people have concern that why anti-virus shows a red flag on vulkanRT. You just need to update your antivirus then check it again it will not show VulkanRT as virus because whenever we update any software some anti-virus prevents to install many related files because they are using different third party APIs like vulkanRT.

So don’t need to worry about VulkanRT. You don’t need to uninstall this from your PC especially if you have some gaming laptop.